GISMA announces new Berlin campus

GISMA is proud to announce and open our new campus in Berlin, which is a joint venture with Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM).

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GISMA is proud to announce and open our new campus in Berlin, which is a joint venture with Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) – one of Europe’s top 20 business schools. This partnership means that both schools now have a new location, as well as being able to deliver courses in Germany’s capital city.

GISMA will be one of the only 6 institutions to be AMBA accredited in Germany, whilst Grenoble Ecole de Management will be one of only 5 institutions in Germany to be triple accredited.

The schools will offer the Grenoble MBA and Grenoble Master in International Business (MIB) from January 2017. These courses occupy a niche position between conventional university life and the changing requirements of today’s global work market, giving students a new, practical way to study.

Steve Priddy, Academic Dean at GISMA, said: “Opening a branch of GISMA is one more step to building a school that is truly international in perspective. Over the last decade Berlin has become a city equated with youth, innovation, entrepreneurship, and diversity.

It has also become a foil to the great cities of Europe: London, Paris, and Rome. For our students, it opens a new opportunity to study in an English-speaking environment whilst becoming familiar with the language, culture and business of the capital of Europe’s economic powerhouse.”

With the addition of the Berlin campus, GISMA and Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) look forward to seeing many high calibre management students attend a world-class MBA at a world-class campus.


Thorsten Thiel, MD of GISMA, said: “Besides our collaboration with GEM, GISMA is planning to provide as well a portfolio of short courses and executive education in the heart of Germany’s capital city. Students choosing to study at the Berlin campus will be in the centre of an international, intercultural, and innovative environment that will help them develop into global business leaders.


This campus also gives us the chance to reach students who want to study different aspects of business in one of the largest and most exciting start up-scenes in Europe.”


GISMAs graduates have aspired to - and succeeded at - working in a number of sectors, such as: banking, financial services, engineering, oil and gas, information technology, consulting, and business services.


Professor Maurits van Rooijen, Acting Rector of GISMA, added: “GISMA's expansion to Berlin is an important step in its unique historic mission.


“As the only German management school founded with international business at its very core, creating a second campus in Berlin, makes a lot of sense. Berlin is a truly intercultural and international city. GISMA will help those living and working in the city to be effective in the modern world of business.


“And at the same time it will bring talent from across the nation and the world to one of the most exciting places to work, to launch a business, or just to add a valuable international experience to one's study. It also means adding another leading business education partner: GEM.”


The schools will offer the Grenoble MBA and Grenoble Master in International Business (MIB) from January 2017.


Benjamin Haack, Head of Business Operations at GISMA, said: “Opening a new campus in Berlin is an important step in fulfilling GISMA’s vision of becoming the most international business school in Germany. By introducing a campus in what many see as Germany’s cultural centre, we are making good progress towards that goal.”


The following programmes are available at the GISMA Berlin campus in January 2017:

Potsdamer Straße 180-182
10783 Berlin

Note: The Berlin campus will be opened in January 2017.

  • Grenoble MIB

The Master in International Business (MIB) is the ideal programme for those who want the knowledge and skills to succeed in a professional management position. It was also recently ranked 13th in the world by the Financial Times in 2016.
The course covers a range of disciplines, helping students to develop the management skills needed for an international career in business.

-Find out more about Grenoble MIB programme here

Grenoble MBA

This globally recognised qualification is designed and awarded by the triple-accredited GEM.

The course was recently ranked first in France and 10th in Europe for employability by the 2015 QS Return on Investment MBA report. It offers students the unique chance to study a top-ranking degree in the heart of Berlin, surrounded by unrivalled networking opportunities.
Students will be taught completely in English, with a choice of course specialisations to allow them to tailor their studies for their preferred career.

- Find out more about Grenoble MBA programme here

18 October, 2016