GISMA alumnus returns for GISMA Think event

Hubi is the Senior Director of International Business at Pulse Biosciences and presented ‘Strategic Marketing & The importance of Positioning – Why fight for market share when you can create a whole new category?’ during the thought leadership series designed to inspire and educate students.

Hubi was welcomed by Professor Dr Stefan Stein, President of GISMA Business School, who highlighted the fact that Hubi is the first returning alumnus for a GISMA Think event, with hopefully more to follow in the future. The event was hosted live at GISMA’s Potsdam campus and livestreamed online.

Hubi started his presentation by reflecting on his time at GISMA as an MBA student in Hannover. He looked back on his time fondly, and still has several close connections from the school now, even after 15 years.

During his talk, Hubi took students on a journey through the healthcare industry. This GISMA Think event was therefore about how a company made a strong impact in the healthcare sector through proper positioning and creating a whole new product category for their solution.

By offering a holistic approach through combining new technology with the science of behavioural modification, they were able to serve the majority of the currently underserved patient population and establish themselves as a worldwide leader in their category.

The presentation was highly interactive and was presented in a workshop style event. The in-person audience was given examples of the medical devices Pulse Biosciences develops, while students attending online were given detailed examples using GISMA’s Hyflex technology.

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