Celebrating International Women’s Week: Elizabeth Lindsey profile

As part of our WonderWomen series which celebrates International Women’s Week, GISMA is interviewing successful females from industry. You can read our first interview with marketer Elizabeth Lindsey here.

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Elizabeth Lindsey joined marketing agency Wasserman in 2007 and currently serves as their Managing Partner. Her daily work consists of managing the team of global professionals who develop, negotiate and execute partnerships and events on behalf of all corporate clients for sports and entertainment properties.

Lindsey has enjoyed much success in her role and under her leadership her department has more than tripled in size and expanded on a much wider international scale. Her skills have also seen her establish a successful team of property consultants.


In 2010, Lindsey was honoured for her accomplishments by SportsBusiness Journal in its annual ‘Forty Under 40’ - a list of influential sports executives.


What does a typical day as Managing Partner of Wasserman look like?


There is no such thing! Any given day can be a combination of client meetings, staff planning, budget planning, new business acquisition meetings or any number of other activities. The only thing I can predict for each day is that it will be completely unpredictable – even when I have my day planned and set, something can always come up. Our priority is to be 100% available to our clients and responsive to their needs, so that means we operate on their timetable, happily. I just buckle up and enjoy the rollercoaster ride.


How do you manage such a large company across multiple countries?


With copious amounts of caffeine. In all seriousness, there are the big things you can do, like hiring the best people in each region, trust them to do their job, and be there to help them when they need you. And then there are the little things: I deal with all my EMEA calls on my drive into the office in the morning and I deal with all my west coast and APAC calls on my drive home. But whether you employ the big strategies or small, it’s best to find something that works for you. This world is a small place and getting smaller every day. Global business acumen and cultural fluency are imperative.


What drew you to focus on sports throughout your career? 

Here’s the truth: I am not a sports fan. I know that sounds weird for someone in sports – but personally, it’s not my passion. But as a pure brand marketer, I am constantly fascinated by so many people for whom it is. In an age where almost all marketing tactics are ignored, fast-forwarded through or call-blocked in some way, sports marketing is still welcomed and therefore very effective.  And as a result, something that is a major draw for me.


What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring woman leader? 


Own it. Don’t apologize for being a woman. Don’t try to lead ‘like a man’. Don’t shy away from emotions or your nurturing side. What others try to position as a weakness is what makes you, and therefore it is a strength. Have confidence in that.


And finally, what does International Women’s Day mean to you?


Finally, for the first time in my 25 year career, every day is becoming women’s day. Women have ascended to positions of power in every industry or career path, they have found their voice to stand up to injustices, they are supporting each other and lifting each other up. And they are finally, unapologetically, sharing those accomplishments proudly. International Women’s Day recognizes and celebrates that and I am very grateful for it.


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06 March, 2018