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Many German cities are known for their corporate powerhouses, but the capital Berlin attracts ambitious entrepreneurs for a number of reasons, such as its low cost of living.

Berlin is famous worldwide for its start-up scene. Read on to learn about four Berlin based business experts.

Charlette Prevot

Charlette co-founded the software firm 6Wunderkinder, which created the incredibly popular personal organisation app — Wunderlist.

Charlette’s goal was to breathe new life into personal organisation. In 2013, the tool was named app of the year and won the Google Play Editor’s Choice award.

Wunderlist was sold to Microsoft in 2015 for between $100 and $200 million.

Business tip from Charlette: put yourself in the shoes of your customers, and ask yourself what they want.

Jens Begemann

Jens is the brain behind game developer Wooga. Wooga creates games for smartphones, tablets, and social media sites like Facebook. Their games include Brain Buddy and Bubble Island and they enjoy millions of users monthly.

In an interview, Begemann stated that the company focuses on producing less games each year, but aims for more success stories. Currently, Wooga produces 15 new games a year. The company regularly questions whether a gaming project is worth continuing, if not, the game is dropped and another idea is formed.

Business tip from Jens: just focus on doing better.

Hussein Shaker

Hussein is originally from Syria, and settled in Berlin after the war. He decided to be his own boss and set up the recruiting site MigrantHire for migrants with IT experience.

MigrantHire allows IT workers to upload their CV in English, Arabic, or German. The team behind the site then proceeds with sorting out legal issues for job seekers and helping them prepare for interviews.

The site is used by 10,000 applicants and over 150 employers.

With one million plus refugees arriving in Germany since 2015 and Berlin being home to between 1,800 and 3,000 start-ups, there are plenty of job opportunities.

The company’s expansion plans will see it focusing on jobs across the spectrum, rather than just IT jobs.

Business tip from Hussein: aim high.

Rob Rebholz

Rob helped launched a storage company in 2014. The firm’s aim was to change the traditional methods of storing.

Spaceways allows users to order boxes online and drops them off at your home. They can be picked up whenever the customer is ready to store their items.

Having expanded to Paris and London, the business is keen to establish itself further globally.

Business tip from Rob: Have a clear vision and welcome uncertainty.

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