6 Reasons you should pursue your masters in Potsdam, Germany

If this is the first time you are hearing about Potsdam, think of the idyllic city as a close sister of Germany’s capital Berlin. However, Potsdam is actually 250 years older and much more magnificent than its sibling.

As the capital of the state of Brandenburg, Potsdam is an active seat of German administration and politics.

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However, the city is also gaining a lot of attention in recent times as an emerging study destination in Germany, next only to Berlin. According to CBS Potsdam, 14 per cent of the city’s population are local and international students.

Filled with well-preserved historical monuments, world-class universities and colleges and natural spots, Potsdam offers the best of both worlds with respect to academics and recreation. The city is also known for its proximity to industrial giants like Tesla and SAP.

Therefore, being an international student in Potsdam can enhance your educational experience in Germany. Here are some compelling reasons to consider pursuing a master’s degree in the city.

  • Choose from some of the best German universities located in the city

Potsdam has a buzzing academic scene due to the presence of eight well-known universities, including the University of Potsdam and the GISMA Business School. These universities offer a wide range of technical and business degrees catering to different industries.

Many of these institutions offer English-taught programmes that are popular among international students. They are also known for their academic rigour and career support services which can improve your future career prospects in Germany.

  • Potsdam is known for its academic and scientific excellence

Potsdam is renowned for having the highest density of academics throughout the country. According to reports, every fourth working person in Potsdam has at least one bachelor’s degree. This means that a large proportion of Potsdam’s population is well-educated, reflecting in the city’s culture.

Additionally, it is a great destination to pursue a science degree if you are interested in an academic life thereafter. The city is home to over 40 research institutes that have international repute. These institutes cover a large area of research work pertaining to astrophysics, cell biology and applied physics.

  • Potsdam puts you in the proximity of Berlin

Potsdam’s incredible proximity to Berlin is another major advantage for international students. Berlin is one of the key scientific research destinations in Europe, a global business destination and a dynamic centre for start-ups. This makes Potsdam a great place to live while you study in Berlin.

It would take you approximately 20 minutes to get to central Berlin where the party and culture scene is rife in the capital. This means you can enjoy an idyllic lifestyle in Potsdam while applying for careers in Berlin.

  • Potsdam can offer a much more affordable lifestyle than Berlin

Expense management is usually one of the most pressing concerns for international students. Although Berlin offers a relatively high quality of living and infrastructure at affordable prices, the cost of living can still be high.

Potsdam offers a relatively cheaper cost of living while maintaining the same standards. According to Numbeo.com, student accommodation rent is around 11.68 per cent higher in Berlin when compared to Potsdam. Grocery prices are 14.73 per cent higher in the capital city, while Potsdam boasts a higher purchasing power by 8.56 per cent.

  • A UNESCO World Heritage city

Being a city of UNESCO World Heritage, it is also no wonder that Potsdam is a tourism magnet, and it invites its inhabitants, guests, and students to enjoy the town quarters and gardens, impressive castles, music, and theatre festivals, and of course the numerous scenic lakes. Students can relax in their study breaks by enjoying the scenic forests and lakes in Potsdam. 

  • The city is a haven for history buffs

Potsdam is a great place for history enthusiasts to complete their education. The city is known for its historical legacy and monuments like the residence of the German Kaiser. There are many other castles and UNESCO-recognised palaces in the area that make for excellent recreational spots.

If you are looking for appropriate industry-oriented courses to pursue in Potsdam, you can check out the wide range of postgraduate programmes offered by the GISMA Business School from the BerlinPotsdam campus.

The masters’ degrees from GISMA are aimed at future managers, entrepreneurs and business leaders who are looking at different opportunities for career progression. They are accredited by different international bodies and are well-recognised globally.

Additionally, being a GISMA student allows you access to the GISMA Career Centre that offers a wide range of specialised career services like resume writing and mock interviews.

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 – This article was written by Sweha Hazari & edited by Olly Cox.

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