4 benefits of studying master’s degree in marketing

In our day-to-day life as consumers, we are bombarded by marketing material from almost every avenue.

From banner ads on your social media timeline to advertisements in between YouTube videos, you can feel the presence of the global marketing industry everywhere you look.


Enquire about GISMA Marketing programmes

Enquire about GISMA Marketing programmes

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Statista.com estimated in 2019 that the global marketing industry could have a value of $34.61 billion! This figure was expected to reach $34.61 billion by the end of 2021. This makes the international marketing sector one of the biggest professional domains in the world!

What makes the marketing domain so enticing to young professionals? Is a marketing career worth your consideration? And, how essential is a master’s in marketing to break into the enormous industry? Let’s find out!

What can a marketing career offer you?

Today, marketing is considered one of the most indispensable business operations for a company. Effective marketing allows an organisation to maintain its presence among its audience and stay ahead of its competitors.

It isn’t a surprise, therefore, to see a huge demand for talented and qualified marketers who can help companies understand the demand of potential customers. It is therefore a wise decision to tap into this demand by becoming a marketer yourself.

Here are a few other advantages of pursuing a career in marketing.

  •   You get to experience the latest AI and machine learning technology in the market.
  •   Your background makes you eligible for a wide range of professional domains.
  •   You can enjoy a fast-paced career with interesting challenges.
  •   The compensation packages in the industry are quite handsome.
  •   The opportunities for career advancement are phenomenal and remain consistent throughout your career.

How can you break into the marketing domain?

Today’s marketing industry has become an intensely competitive space. Therefore, it can be difficult to sustain a successful career in the sector if your skills and industry knowledge aren’t up to the mark.

At the very least, you need to show prospective employers that you have the required expertise to handle their marketing needs. Investing in an advanced degree like an MSc International Marketing or MSc Digital Marketing can be a great way to gain industry validation.

A single degree can be insufficient to keep your knowledge of a dynamic industry up to date. Therefore, you will also have to acquire different marketing certifications from time to time to stay relevant.

How can a master’s in digital marketing help your career prospects?

An advanced marketing degree from a reputed university can prove to potential employers that you are willing to do what it takes to keep your marketing skills relevant.

Apart from the industry validation, a master’s in international marketing or other marketing disciplines can also provide you with the following advantages.

  •   You can develop strong industry skills: The international marketing sector is ever-changing and always seems to be dominated by the latest technology. To keep up in this industry, you need to update yourself on the latest marketing trends and practices. An MSc in Marketing course can help you acquire the relevant industry expertise and skills you need as a qualified marketer.
  •   You can hone your communication skills: Marketing essentially involves communicating the USPs of the company products and services to the public. Therefore, it is a given that you need top-notch communication skills to sustain a marketing career. A master’s degree in international marketing can teach you about different types of marketing communication and hone your written and oral communication skills.
  •   You can develop a decent business acumen: Most marketing programmes also include subjects or electives from other business domains like business development or public relations. This kind of exposure helps you acquire a fair sense of business development and help you seek roles outside the marketing industry if you prefer.
  •   You can gain the relevant skills required to market your own business: A marketing degree is also a viable option if you don’t want to opt for a corporate career route and want to start your own business. A postgraduate degree in marketing can teach you everything you need to know about marketing your own business or products.

What kind of skills can you expect to acquire from a marketing degree?

Since most marketing jobs are fairly technical, you would require a range of different marketing skills to do your job well. Fortunately, marketing degrees from reputed universities like the GISMA Business School can provide you with all the skills you require for a well-paying role in the marketing industry.

Here are a few noteworthy marketing skills that you can expect to acquire with a master’s degree in digital marketing.

  •   Attention to detail
  •   Interpersonal skills
  •   Project management skills
  •   Data analysis skills
  •   Communication skills

A well-designed marketing course can also equip you with other important skills like creativity, problem-solving, adaptability and leadership skills.

What kind of job prospects can you expect as a marketing graduate?

Career diversity is one of the main attractions of the marketing world. This professional domain is so vast that it has spawned different sub-domains like market research or digital marketing.

A general knowledge can allow you to take up any marketing specialisation in the future and seek jobs in that sector. Most marketing roles are very interesting and can guarantee an exciting work life.

Here are a few career options to look out for when you graduate from an advanced marketing programme.

  •   Brand manager
  •   Product manager
  •   Digital marketer
  •   Inbound marketer
  •   Social media manager
  •   Marketing copywriter

You can also choose to pursue other intriguing career paths like media planner, branding specialist, public relations officer and market research executive.

An advanced degree in marketing can also provide you with enough transferable skills to seek a job outside the marketing domain. You can choose to become an account manager, a business development executive or a client relationship officer.

A marketing background allows you to employ your creativity to solve industry problems and lead large-scale promotional campaigns. A good marketing degree can not only hone your marketing skills but also provide placement assistance to boost your career prospects.

The MSc Digital Marketing programme offered by GISMA Business School in Berlin is a marketing course worth noticing. The programme allows you to learn globally recognised digital marketing practices that are used by MNCs.

The course is great for you if you are interested in a marketing or brand management career on a global scale. The programme focuses on interactive teaching and has a comprehensive curriculum with a real-world focus.

Click here to learn more about the digital marketing programme at GISMA today.


 – This article was written by Sweha Hazari.

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