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Step-by-Step Guide for Tuition Fee Payment at Gisma University of Applied Sciences Using TransferMate

We are delighted to introduce TransferMate as our new preferred payment method for tuition fees at Gisma University of Applied Sciences. This guide will assist you in using TransferMate for your payments.

Step 1: Access the TransferMate Payment Portal

Step 2: Creating Your Account

  • Click ‘Create Account’ on the portal.
  • Provide your student ID and contact information.
  • Set a secure password to complete the account creation.

Step 3: Log In to Your Account

  • Log in with your username and password.

Step 4: Entering Payment Details

  • Select ‘Make a Payment’.
  • Enter your tuition fee amount.
  • Choose TransferMate as your preferred payment method.

Step 5: Completing the Transaction

  • Follow the prompts to enter your payment details.
  • Check all information for accuracy.
  • Confirm and complete your payment.

Step 6: Saving the Confirmation

  • Save the successful payment confirmation message.
  • Keep any email confirmations for your records.

Using TransferMate streamlines your tuition fee payments at Gisma University of Applied Sciences. For any assistance, our finance department is always ready to help.

Contact Information

Gisma Support: studentfinance@gisma.com

TransferMate Technical Support: Contact Us