Our team


After graduating in Management Engineering at Politecnico University in Milan, Nicolò Augusto Manica worked in the USA and China benefitting from a global advantage. He also obtained two master’s degrees in International Management at Esade Business school in Spain and International Business at Queen’s University in Canada. He began his entrepreneurial journey during university as a digital marketer and used the profit towards the payment for his master‘s degrees.

After university, he evolved into the E-commerce world where he excelled in success. The ability to generate numerous successes in digital marketing benefited him to become an influencer in the digital marketing industry with thousands of young European entrepreneurs following his guidance and motivation.

Nicolò is the founder of Targeto, an internationally recognised Digital Marketing agency that supports politicians and businesses to develop their marketing strategies online. Moreover, he is the founder of uDroppy, a B2B e-commerce marketplace that helps E-commerce brands in sourcing reliable products. He is also the founder of Business Da Casa, a digital training platform that has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs in establishing a digital business.

Nicolò is a Facebook Ad Buyer Mentor since 2018 and has given speeches at events around the world. He is also a University Professor of Digital Content Marketing at Grenoble Ecole de Management.