*degree programme in process of being fully state-recognised.

Our full-time bachelor's degree programme in Computer Science will provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand and build computer-based systems, for the next generation of technological development. The contents range from basic computer concepts and algorithmic thinking, systems design, problem-solving, artificial intelligence, and simulation to computer and data security. The programme provides knowledge and skills to pursue a professional career in a wide variety of computer science fields.

As a graduate of BSc Computer Science you won’t just be in demand from IT and tech companies, but also to many employers in complementary fields: manufacturing, finance, consulting, public service, or creative industries.

What you will learn

Our BSc Computer Science degree programme is a dynamic and diverse programme that covers many key areas of this expansive field, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to advanced programming and app development, that you will need to graduate with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to launch your career in the field.

Accreditations and rankings

GISMA Business School is a state recognised University of Applied Sciences which also benefits from AMBA accreditation, an honour shared by only six business schools in Germany and 2% of all business schools worldwide. The prestigious AMBA accreditation represents innovation and excellence in education, which is core to our values at GISMA.

How you will study

GISMA Business School supports flexible and individual learning by applying a systematic hybrid learning scheme.

You will spend part of your lectures in class at our Potsdam campus. These face-to-face phases are complemented by e-learning sessions. You will work on cases, reflect on readings, take part in online discussions, and participate in group exercises and projects. This variety of learning methods is part of our unique teaching strategy, which includes student-centred pedagogy, project-based learning, collaborative learning, and personalised coaching.

Potsdam, your next study destination

As a student at GISMA University of Applied Sciences, you will be based at our flagship Potsdam Campus. This ultra high tech campus is home to all of our University of Applied Sciences students, either in person or virtually. Our classrooms feature the hyflex system, meaning regardless of where our students are in the world, they connect in real-time and benefit from seamless peer-to-peer learning. The campus is in great company, with neighbours such as SAP right across the road.

Potsdam is the picturesque capital city of the state of Brandenburg. It is known for technological innovation, economic growth, a unique culture, and a high standard of living. It is a world heritage site, with the backdrop of outstanding nature. The city also benefits from being the twin city of Berlin, the German capital. The two cities share a border, and the journey from Potsdam Main Station takes just 20-30 minutes to be in the centre of Berlin, where you can find an extensive cultural, retail, and nightlife scene.


Hear from one of our professors

Gisma - Business School

Teaching tech concepts is like tightrope walking. The topics are so interesting, but you need to be very careful to not overwhelm students with too much theory. I have found a solution a long time ago: We should empower students to implement concepts right after learning theories. I really love the thrilled look on their face when students notice they can understand a complex tech concept and implement it in action. This is what the job market is looking for: Graduates who possess such a precious mix of theory and practice.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahdavi
Professor for Data Science


The full-time bachelor's degree programme comprises a standard period of study of six semesters. The curriculum includes a “mobility window” in the 5th semester: a semester reserved for you to study abroad or undertake further modules with an applied focus as part of career development.

For the bachelor's programmes, the total student workload for the courses is 180 ECTS credits.




Subject Specific Competencies

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Databases & Big Data
  • Computer Science Lab
  • Advanced Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • App & Web Development
  • Computer Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Applied Statistical Modelling
  • Operating Systems
  • Cyber Security

General Business Competencies

  • Digital Transformation and Cases
  • Sustainability Management
  • Project Management
  • Innovation Management in a Digital and Globalised World

Action and Intercultural Competencies

  • Creative Problem Solving and Strategy Development
  • Foreign Language
  • Study Abroad or Career Development Semester*
  • Internship

Scientific and Methods Competencies

  • Mathematical Foundations
  • Statistics
  • Academic Writing and Research Methods
  • Bachelor Thesis

Career Development Semester

  • End-to-End Computer Science Project
  • Data Driven Business Models
  • Business Start-up Simulation
  • AI Applications for Digital Business


Computer technologies are integral to modern day life and are essential to nearly any modern business. Graduates are likely to be in high demand across many industries, including IT, software engineering, information technology, web design, and more.

After studying a degree in computer science, potential graduate opportunities include:

  • App/games developer
  • Web developer
  • Information systems manager
  • IT consultant
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Network engineer
  • Software developer

As a student at GISMA, you will be supported by our Career Centre, who will provide coaching sessions to improve your soft skills, such as CV writing, interview preparation, and interpersonal skills. They will also host Career Days, where local, national, and global organisations interview GISMA students for internships, graduate, and leadership positions.

Fees and funding

Please contact a programme consultant for more details on how to apply.

SEPTEMBER 2022 LAUNCH OFFER: 35% early bird discount*. Apply now!


Germany & EU fee - € 9,600 / Year

  • € 6,240 with September early bird discount
  • € 7,200 with standard early bird discount

International fee - € 10,500 / Year

  • € 6,825 with September early bird discount
  • € 7,875 with standard early bird discount

Standard early bird discount of up to 25% available for other intakes*

*Early bird offer for applications submitted at least 8 weeks before orientation date. 


Flexible payment plan

GISMA offers flexible payment plans that allow you to spread the costs of your programme fees in up to six instalments. A refundable* deposit of €2,000 is required to secure your place, and the remainder of the tuition fee is to be paid after the start of programme in accordance with your payment schedule.

You will be eligible for a discount of 5% off the total fee if the payment of the entire tuition fee is completed before the first instalment due date.

Payments are accepted by bank transfer, or via one of our payment partners – Transfermate and Stripe. If you have any queries regarding payment options, please speak to a programme consultant.

*Terms and conditions apply.


Entry requirements

  • General university entrance qualification
  • English proficiency: B2 (IELTS 5.5) or equivalent
  • Non-EU applicants must conduct an entrance test
  • Full-time
  • Potsdam
  • 36 months
  • Sept 2022 | Jan, Apr, Jun, Sept 2023
  • € from 9,600 per year
  • € 10500 International students


GISMA Business School is state recognised and AMBA-accredited


Top 2

Germany has the 2nd best unemployment rate in Europe at 3.4%*



Chance to earn to €45,000**, the average graduate salary in Germany

**Business Insider


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