Corporate Relations

We offer access to the future leaders of tomorrow to support your ongoing needs for top talent and training specialists to enter the labour market. 

As a signature business school dedicated to delivering excellence in education, GISMA is 100% committed to working closely with the corporate world to promote business prosperity. We offer several options and services to our partners, and we look forward to working with you!


We offer our corporate partners exclusive access to our pool of talented students for recruitment purposes.

  • We currently provide this offer to a select number of premium partners; please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding this.
  • By partnering with GISMA, you are able to access the CV's of all our students, irrespective of the student’s study location (currently Berlin and Hannover). As well as current students, you can also reach out to our large network of talented alumni.
  • You will get the opportunity to present your organisation to students through presentations, to give them a better idea of what you do, and what you’re searching for in a new employee or intern.
  • When you’ve selected candidates that fit your profile, we are happy to set up on-campus interviews for you.
Joint Projects

Consulting Projects

  • Are you considering a new business idea and need some consultation?
  • Would you like a fresh perspective on a business challenge you are facing?
  • We are always developing ways to enable students to put their education and skills to the test.
  • Your chosen mentor, along with a GISMA faculty member, will work on a task created by your organisation.


Some of our previous projects are below: 


  • Africa – the next emerging market for Volkswagen LCV?
    • Access to a new or evolving market can be crucial for future success and revenue increase. However, such a new endeavour should always be well planned and assessed beforehand. In this project, our students have the possibility to do just that and evaluate the potential of the African continent for Light Commercial Vehicles. They are to give a proposal about whether to enter this potential market and also offer ideas as to how this could be accomplished.
  • European market potential for 'Valve testing equipment' for Eastern European manufacturers with Bornemann Gewindetechnik
    • Bornemann is a medium-sized, family-owned business that specializes in manufacturing custom made threads and a supplier of highly customized special parts.
      As a traditional German company, they would like to expand beyond their current market and evaluate the possibilities of expansion. To help them decide, our students will evaluate the market and research potential competitors and clients, identify the market volume and offer a potential market entry strategy for Bornemann.
  • Customer analysis and the future of online buying at smartvie GmbH
    • smartvie is a growing e-commerce platform. Launched in 2013, smartvie is the answer to the US online marketplaces. Merchants sell more cost-efficiently and hassle-free because smartvie simplifies or takes over key processes: item integration, marketing, payment, customer support and returns, relying on superior technological features. Customers get a more personalized shopping experience to make foundational buying decisions. This is achieved through a personal customer service available via several media as well as unique purchase advisors.
    • Our students will conduct a detailed customer analysis and investigate which major issues will concern the future of online buying: will it be the price, the service or a mix of both. What will be the major reasons for success? Will the brand of a company play a role? These are the questions are students looked into during their final project with smartvie.
    • Mustafa Azim, CEO of smartvie, said:
      • “No one can predict the future, but we can carry out according to research and investigation to frame the direction of it. We expect high-class and relevant findings from the GISMA students that will help us to shape the future of the company and the business.”
Developing Your Talent
  • In the current international business climate, it is essential we never stop learning. This goes for organisations, as well as individuals. As a provider of high-quality education, we are available to help you advance, and develop your workforce to face any challenges or opportunities they may face in the future.
  • Degree programmes: Our high-calibre programmes will strengthen your employees’ knowledge and help them develop new skills.
  • We offer bespoke and customisable models should you wish to place more than one employee on our programmes.
  • Short programmes: Our state of the art executive education courses are delivered in collaboration with world-class partners - including the SDA Bocconi School of Management - ranked among the best globally.
Executive Education
  • We offer world-class executive education in Berlin, Hannover, and London. These short programmes are delivered by our first-class partners, including SDA Bocconi School of Management, and UCD Michael Smurfit School of Business.
  • Courses revolve around: finance and accounting, entrepreneurship and start-ups, leadership and management, and food and agribusiness. They are usually between 2-6 days. We offer customisable models should you wish to place more than one of your employees on our programmes.
Customised Education

All of our open course models can be tailored to provide you with the best options for your business. They can be offered to your organisation at one of our campuses, or a venue of your choice. Naturally, we are happy to adapt the concepts and topics to your business needs and develop an offer that meets your specific requirements.

Shared Experience - Teaching

We are proud of the proven business expertise provided by our faculties and lecturers. We are also interested in bringing your knowledge, expertise, and experience to our students, to allow them to gain first-hand knowledge from experts in their chosen field.

  • Strong partnerships are at the core of GISMA’s thinking and we offer various ways for our partners to extend their brand reach. Unique marketing on our premises offers for our students or sponsorship of specific events are just examples of the many options we provide.
  • As a marketing and branding tool, we offer you many options to address our students individually, including the option for unique courses, case studies, and events.
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