What makes Germany an attractive study destination for Italian students?

Boasting a world-class education system, cultural richness, and a diverse student population, Germany is an attractive study destination for any student. However, Germany has always had a certain appeal to one country: Italy.

So, what is it that makes Italian students want to study in Germany?

With a total student population of 2.8 million, Germany is home to 458,210 students outside of Germany as of 2022/23, according to Wissenschaft weltoffen. This places Germany alongside major study abroad destinations such as the UK, Australia and the US. A year-on-year growth of just under 120,000 international students since 2015/16 showcases why an education in Germany appeals to a global student population.

So, what is it that makes Italian students want to study in Germany?

For a long time, Italian students have seen the appeal of studying in Germany, and today, Italy accounts for the eighth most students in Germany. One of those students was Claudio Dotta, an MSc International Business Management student at Gisma University of Applied Sciences. Claudio gave an insight into the love affair between Italian students and education in Germany. He explained that Germany offers students a multitude of possibilities.

From the expert professors to the culturally diverse student population at Gisma, Claudio describes how he benefitted from the decision to study in Germany and will look to stay in the country after he graduates. He said: “There is a lot of people coming from different countries and that is maybe the main reason for which I would like to stay here. It’s enriching to meet other cultures and talk with them. You learn a lot from them.”

Claudio described Gisma as a “stimulating environment to study and learn” and explained how he has been given “all the tools to access the working world” during his course. He attributed his success to the experienced professors who make themselves available at all hours for students.

This accessibility means students can tap into the expert knowledge and allows them to receive feedback and guidance throughout their degree. Claudio explains that this personal touch makes him feel appreciated as a Gisma student, acknowledging the family environment at the Potsdam-based university. So, what specifically draws so many

Post-graduation opportunities

One of the main factors that attracts Italian students to study in Germany is the country’s wide range of post-graduation opportunities. After graduating from a German university, graduates have the right to stay in the country to find employment, which gives students motivation to build a life after an education in Germany. Like Claudio, many students choose to continue living in Germany after their studies to seek employment and start their careers.

Germany’s booming economy also presents ample opportunities for graduates. With a strong focus on innovation and research, German companies are actively seeking skilled individuals.

The bright lights of Berlin

Berlin, Germany’s capital city, is one of the main driving forces behind the country’s popularity among students from abroad. Boasting low living costs and endless employment opportunities, this multicultural city is hard to ignore and is ranked as the sixth best student city according to QS Top Universities. Berlin is one of the main reasons why choosing to study in Germany for international students is an easy decision.

Similarly to major Italian cities, Berlin is a melting pot of cultural diversity and although English is widely spoken in the capital and most academic courses are taught in English, many universities encourage students to learn the German language alongside their course. Gisma offers students the opportunity to enrol on a free German language course as they study in Germany at Gisma, allowing students to gain a tangible skill that can help boost their employability.

Scholarship and Funding opportunities

Germany and it’s universities offer a wide range of scholarships, funding options, and programmes for students to take advantage of, making the German education system accessible to students from all over the world.

In some private universities, EU students, including Italians, may qualify for lower tuition fees compared to their non-EU counterparts. It’s always best to check with each university you’re interested in to confirm their specific tuition structure and financial aid offerings for EU students. This way, you can compare costs and explore any scholarships or grants that might be available.

In many cases, non-German citizens studying in Germany, including Italian students, are also entitled to apply for the BAföG (Federal Education and Training Assistance Act) grants-and-loans system, if certain conditions are met. This means that if you have the prospect of staying in Germany and are socially integrated, you may be eligible for additional funding.

For more information and to check your eligibility for BAföG, please visit the following website (which can be translated into English or Italian).

Home from home for Italian students

There are many similarities when it comes to the higher education field in Italy and Germany which facilitates a seamless transition between the two European countries. Both countries share a strong history of academic traditions with rigorous academic programmes and opportunities to accelerate academic growth. This leads on to the similarities after graduating. The career opportunities within thriving industries are relatively similar with both countries offering an abundance of internships and job placements for students to explore after their studies.

There are also plenty of similarities outside of the classroom for Italian students who choose to study in Germany. From the rich cultural heritage within art, literature and philosophy to the diverse multicultural environment, Germany can offer a similar experience to the main Italian cities with exposure to different cultures and perspectives guaranteed.

With all of these factors considered, there is no surprise that student numbers in Germany have increased by 52% in nearly a decade from 2013/14 to 2023. Germany’s reputation as an economic powerhouse and having one of the most recognised higher education systems in the world speaks for itself, making Germany an attractive option for Italian students looking to take their studies abroad.

Explore the many study abroad programmes in Germany available to you today and learn how Gisma University of Applied Sciences can be your ticket to an education in Germany.

Why Gisma University of Applied Sciences is the Perfect Fit for Italian Students

Germany offers a multitude of benefits for Italian students seeking an exceptional education abroad. From its world-class education system and thriving job market to its cultural richness and welcoming environment, Germany is a truly compelling destination. For Italian students seeking a truly personalied and career-focused experience, private universities like Gisma University of Applied Sciences offer an exceptional fit.

But what truly sets Gisma University of Applied Sciences apart?

  • Tailored for Students: Unlike large public universities, Gisma offers a smaller, more supportive environment, ideal for international students. Our English-taught programmes eliminate language barriers, and our dedicated career center helps you land your dream job.
  • Lower European Pricing for Italian Students: We understand the financial considerations involved in studying abroad. That’s why we offer special pricing for EU students, making your German education even more affordable.
  • Additional 10% Early Bird Discount: Apply early and save an additional 10% on your tuition fees!
  • All Programmes Taught in English: No need to worry about language barriers. We offer a diverse range of programmes entirely taught in English.
  • Strong Post-Graduation Job Opportunities: Gisma boasts an impressive 88% of graduates securing jobs before graduation, with 66% holding managerial positions and 77% earning salaries ranging from €55k to €60k. Our dedicated career center also provides support throughout your studies and beyond.
  • Free Beginner German Language Lessons: Gain a valuable new skill and integrate seamlessly into your new environment with our free German language lessons, leading to an A1 level certification.

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