Tips for studying remotely

Coronavirus has impacted the world dramatically, causing schools and universities to close their physical campuses and run programmes online. To continue to provide top-quality education for our students, GISMA Business School is doing the same and students can find on the current situation here.

Read on to gain useful techniques on how to study remotely effectively. GISMA is here to support you every step of the way, with whatever you may need.

What steps can you take to pursue your education remotely?

Follow these simple tips for online learning success to ensure that your education continues without any disruptions:

  • Create a quiet and organised space where there are no or limited disturbances and good internet connection. You should ensure that the space has as much natural light as possible, and is free from noise.
  • Sign out of all social media accounts before you sit down to study to eliminate distractions. Make sure your family members are familiar with your schedule so that they don’t disturb you.
  • Excessive flexibility can create havoc with your schedule. Instead, create a structured schedule with the help of your programme advisors, professors and fellow students.
  • Use online collaboration tools such as Google Docs, Trello, WhatsApp groups and Skype to help with your group assignments.
  • Make phone and video calls, send emails and texts to help you stay in touch with everyone.
  • Explore online resources and databases for your research instead of a physical library.
Gisma - Business School

How is GISMA helping students study remotely?

Many reputable academic institutions across the world are offering online or blended learning formats of their courses. GISMA Business School is incorporating blended learning for many programmes, for both new and existing students.

GISMA has taken measures recently to ensure students are able to learn online easily and have access to all the materials and resources you’ll need to study remotely. We have upgraded all our online resources and services and students should contact their programme consultant if they face any issues in accessing materials.

With GISMA, remote learning can be simple with our blended learning programmes. Click here to explore the list of programmes to check which one suits your professional endeavours and aspirations.

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