Héctor Andrés Aguilar Cantú: A Profile of a GISMA Alumni

We recently got the chance to catch up with GISMA student, Héctor Andrés Aguilar Cantú, who is in his second year of studying the MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Originally from Monterrey, Mexico and having moved to Berlin in 2019 after deferring his master’s, Héctor has always had an interest in business operations.

After completing the first year of his master’s, Héctor struggled to find a job in Berlin as a result of the pandemic. However, he then stumbled across an internship opportunity at Micropsi Industries, a tech start-up which focuses on robotic software, AI and machine learning. With a keen interest in mechatronic engineering and having always wanted to work in Berlin, the internship was a fantastic prospect for Hector who had opted to work professionally in the second year of his course instead of completing a full research project.

So far, Héctor is really enjoying the dynamic and challenging side of his role. He says that’s what he loves about operations; it’s so broad and people are always open to hearing new ideas. He’s loved being so involved in the company projects and processes.

We asked him what he liked most about GISMA. Hector said he really noticed how friendly the staff were and, in particular, the Career Centre who, “went above and beyond” to assist him during his first year.

GISMA Alumni Héctor

GISMA Alumni Héctor

Berlin is full of innovative start-ups, with fresh ideas and a liberal outlook on life which is reflected in the city’s work culture. This is something that really appeals to Héctor who is sat talking to us while dressed in shorts; something, he says, wouldn’t be allowed in Mexico.

We were interested to know why he thinks AI is so important and what the industry will look like in the future. “AI can be applied in finance, fintech and robotics – it’s everywhere,” he says.

“In general, we can delegate time consuming tasks to AI systems, robots and computers meaning that we (humans) can focus on creating new and interesting stuff.”

We then touched on the fact that some people think that AI has the potential to become a threat to society. Whilst some people might have their reservations about AI, Héctor says that like most things, they could be dangerous. However, when AI is used correctly it can bring amazing benefits.

His advice for future business school graduates? “First thing, such a cliché, but know yourself a lot. Once you know yourself, you know what you’re looking for. Some people are too broad with their search; the more accurate you are with your search, the better. Secondly, be aware of the newest trends out there!” says Héctor.

Héctor overcame huge challenges to reach his ambitions by moving to Germany, not knowing the local language and changing his subject speciality. Then, COVID struck. However, we feel that his story is a real example that if your drive is strong enough, you can overcome hurdles of any height. 

If you too want to be like Héctor and pursue your dreams of studying in your dream location in an area you are truly passionate about, why not consider the  MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship at GISMA’s Berlin campus? You’ll be learning the latest business models and developing your entrepreneurial instincts within the start-up capital of Europe!

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