GISMA Student wins the Best Presentation Award

We are pleased to announce that Joseph Segbefia, a student at GISMA Business School has been awarded Best Presentation at this year’s Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). The COIL initiative is an educational project launched by Coventry University to allow students from diverse multicultural backgrounds to work together on cutting edge topics. 

This year, COIL’s focus was on the business analytics sector to examine the industry uses of machine learning and AI. The project featured entries from Coventry University, GISMA and the University of Bremen.

The winner, Joseph, is a University of Law student at GISMA Belin, from Ghana. He is currently pursuing his MA in Business Intelligence Analytics and has a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering from his home country.

Gisma - Business School

Joseph developed an interest in the computer and data science sector soon after his graduation. Looking to switch domains from a marine engineering background, he enrolled in online programming courses like HTML, Python, CSS, JavaScript, Django and Ruby.

Once he accrued enough programming expertise, he enrolled in the business analytics programme at GISMA to further strengthen his concepts. The programme has allowed him to solidify his understanding to the concepts he studied by himself.

Joseph and his classmates were invited to participate in the COIL project in March 2021 which he saw as a perfect learning and networking opportunity. Joseph submitted a project titled: ‘Reducing Traffic Mortality in the US using Machine Learning and Internet of Things’. His supervisor at GISMA, Dr Fotis Papageorgiou has encouraged and guided him throughout the project.

Joseph’s project focused on the usage of Machine Learning and IoT concepts to create a software which can help prevent severe road traffic accidents. The project was unanimously voted as the best entry among almost 100 other entries along with two other projects.

Joseph was honoured to be included among the top three entries amongst hundreds of participants. He also reported that he enjoyed working on the project and experienced a great learning curve.

Joseph plans to use his data analytics and machine learning expertise to solve more such complex issues in the future.

You can also join Joseph in the ever-expanding community of successful business analysts by enrolling in the MSc Business Intelligence and Analytics programme at GISMA.

The degree is awarded by the prestigious University of Law and is delivered at the Berlin campus of GISMA. The course can be a perfect fit for people with a computer science background who want to venture into the exciting world of business intelligence (BI) and data management.

The programme can provide you with all the specialist knowledge in different BI technologies like predictive analytics. You also get a chance to work on professionally focused projects and entrepreneurial initiatives that can strengthen your employability.

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This article is written by Sweha Hazari.


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