GISMA Student Wins Second Place in Hamburg Tennis Tournament

Abel Rodríguez, a Kingston University Student at GISMA Hamburg, recently participated in a local tennis tournament, the Rotation Cup, and reached second place!

Abel is originally from Paraguay, and as a fluent German speaker, he decided to make the most of his spare time abroad by joining a tennis club – one of his best decisions so far according to Abel who commented that he is ‘more than happy’ with his achievement as he is out of his comfort zone every time he is outside of the classroom.

Abel is currently working on his consultancy project with the organisation, SAP, for the Industry and Value Advisory department, and his team is working with an important player in the cloud software industry, and they’re learning a lot.

Abel is now approaching the end of his studies and says he’s glad to have had the chance to experience so many different things which have helped him grow personally and professionally.

Dijana Sapina, GISMA Hamburg Campus Programme Manager, is pleased that Abel enjoys an active lifestyle outside of school and encourages other students to engage in sports and enjoy their time in Hamburg. It was Dijana who encouraged Abel to join a tennis club during their one-to-one sessions when he first started at GISMA, and she was delighted to hear of his achievement.

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