Exploring Berlin’s finest European bakeries

Whether it’s a fresh loaf of bread still hot from the oven or a crumbly pastry you are after, Berlin has the answer. The German capital is home to some of the finest European bakeries, serving up national favourites for international students in Berlin to enjoy.

Berliners are spoilt for choice when it comes to outstanding baked goods with local Berlin bakeries maintaining the excellence of the city’s deep-rooted baking tradition. Every morning on the streets of Berlin there are queues upon queues of people seeking the freshest delights as Berlin bakeries open their doors to the public.

So, how can students take advantage of the city’s rich history and find the best bakery in Berlin?

Best bakeries: Berlin

It is no surprise that some of the best Berlin bakeries are local, family-owned bakeries that have been serving the people of Berlin for many generations. It’s hard to compete with a hearty, traditional bakery that connects with the local people.

Here are a couple of our favourite Berlin bakeries that international students should be sure to check out:

Translated to Müseler’s Bread Shop, this bakery in Potsdam offers fresh bread daily and a wide range of cakes and pastries. Homemade chutneys and jams as well as premium coffee make this place a contender for the best bakery in Berlin.

This kosher, family-run bakery is now in its third generation with Stefan Kädtler at the wheel.  This bakery is a small business with a big heart and the bread rolls are sure to make you want to come back time and time again.

Italian bakeries

Italian pastry shops are popping up in every popular street in Berlin, and there are more than a few reasons why. Not only are Italian bakeries home to some of the world’s favourite sweet treats like cannoli, but the variety of the pastries that sit pretty in the window satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Check out some of our stand-out Italian bakeries in Berlin below:

GioMecca Pastry is a bakery and dessert shop full of creativity. Giorgio Mecca embraces tradition and innovation to offer Italian pastries with a fusion of intercultural inspiration. GioMecca Pastry is also the best bakery in Berlin if you’re looking for a spectacular celebration cake.

The Sanctuary Berlin is the very first Italian vegan bakery in Berlin. The Sanctuary was built upon the love for animals, sustainable living and the joint mission to protect our planet. The founder, Federica Fronterré, mixes traditional tastes with forward-thinking ideology.

Polish bakeries

Polish bakers are some of the most creative in the world. While proud of their country’s rich tradition in baking, their innovative approach to embracing international styles creates some of the most sought-after bread and pastries in the world.

International students in Germany can find high-quality Polish bakeries in Berlin, offering everything from bread rolls, sweet buns, cakes, cookies, savoury pastries, sandwiches and a wide variety of breads.

Check out our favourite Berlin bakeries offering traditional Polish food below:

This Polish deli serves up some of the nation’s finest baked goods with comfort food galore. Tak Tak offers a deep dive into Polish street food and is for sure the best bakery in Berlin when it comes to Pierogi!

Craving authentic Polish flavors? Oder Brot is an authentic Polish bakery in Berlin. Known for its warm atmosphere, this gem offers delectable pastries and breads, all baked fresh daily. Not just sweets, they also have a selection of traditional Polish dishes to-go and other delightful treats. Sip on a cup of coffee while you savor a taste of Poland!

Dutch bakeries

Holland goes under the radar when it comes to bakeries, despite bringing the world the delicious caramel-filled stroopwafels and fluffy Dutch pancakes.

There are several Dutch restaurants and cosy cafés located in the Dutch Quarter in the historic centre of Potsdam. Here, you’ll find the best Dutch cuisine as well as independent craft shops and boutiques.

These are our favourite Dutch bakeries in Berlin:

Despite not being a traditional bakery, this café serves up arguably the best Dutch pancakes in Berlin. The pancake house fuses Dutch cuisine with Potsdam’s history, located in the Dutch Quarter. Indulge in traditional Dutch sweets like pannekoeken and poffertjes with stroop.

If you’re looking for more Dutch pancakes, head over to Schönes Café. This is a great breakfast spot in Berlin serving up sweet treats including a variety of cakes.

Spanish bakeries

Spanish bakeries offer some of the world’s favourite baked goods. From traditional bakeries serving hand-crafted bread and pastries to modern establishments offering organic options, Spanish influence has raised the standard of Berlin bakeries.

International students in Berlin are treated to Spanish delights in bakeries across the capital with panettone, empanadas and churros always high in demand.

Searching for the best Spanish bakeries in Berlin? Check these out:

If you’re looking for the best churros in Berlin, you have found them! This quaint Spanish chocolate shop offers delightful baked goods from Spain including the fan-favourite churros which headlines the menu.

Empanadas, empanadas and more empanadas. What’s not to like? La Criolla serves up some of the best empanadas in Berlin. These Spanish baked goods are popular worldwide for one reason – they taste amazing!

Life as a Berlin Student

International students in Berlin are treated to a foodie wonderland and the bakeries that line the streets of the capital reinforce this. Whether it’s a fresh loaf to set you up for a long study session or a sweet pastry to keep energy levels high during exams, Berlin bakeries can fuel your success.

The fantastic food scene is just one of many reasons to pursue an education in Berlin. If you want to learn more about studying in Germany, Gisma University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of high-quality programmes to take your career to the next level.

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