Unser Team


Andrew Walker is an International Digital Consultant, Affiliate professor (Grenoble Ecole de Management, France), and Emeritus professor (European Institute of Purchasing Management, Geneva).  He has been teaching GISMA M.Sc. programs for over 5 years focusing on the areas of digital marketing and analytics. Andrew is a lecturer and an international consultant in Information Systems, Digital Development, and E-Business. He holds two degrees, including a master’s degree in Information Science (from Sheffield University, UK), and has worked for a management consultant at Deloitte Touche, and an e-commerce provider at Shopcreator Developments.  He has extensive experience in digital business, marketing, training and consulting in the private and public sectors including large media groups, music, sports, retail and leisure organizations, small and medium sized enterprises. 


His career has provided him with the opportunity of working in different countries including UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, China, Georgia, Russia, Slovakia, Germany, Malta, Czech Republic, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Iran, USA and Bhutan.  He has been a lecturer in higher education for over 20 years at various institutions, including: Aston Business School (Birmingham); Sheffield Business School (Sheffield); Sheffield Management School (Sheffield); University of Northumbria (Middlesex); London School of Business and Finance (London); Università Carlo Cattaneo – LIUC (Italy); GISMA (Berlin); European Institute of Purchasing Management (Geneva & Shanghai); Grenoble Ecole de Management (France); Academy of the National Economy, and Moscow Aviation Institute (Moscow); Caucasus Business School (Tiblisi); the Royal University of Bhutan (Bhutan); Tribuvan University (Nepal); Masaryk Institute (Prague); Beihang University (China); and, The E-foundation (Malta). He has worked as an external examiner at several UK Universities.