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Luis-Fernando Esteban, MBA class of 2011

Luis-Fernando Esteban, MBA class of 2011

“I graduated as a Computer Engineer in 1998 then went on to pursue two Master’s in Research degrees in 2002 and 2003 in Spain whilst working full-time. Due to my love of innovation and project management I shifted my focus towards attainting Project Management Professional (PMP) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certifications. I completed these in 2008 and 2009 respectively after gaining work experience in this area by becoming a Project Manager for an IT company. In 2011, I obtained an MBA degree in the full-time programme at GISMA Business School in Hannover, Germany.


Whilst obtaining my qualifications, I have been a developer, researcher and project manager for more than 8 years in 20 projects across 10 different industries, such as applying artificial intelligence techniques to power plants, creating a platform for secure cross-border communication among law professionals and building a tool for offshore wind project planning. Besides this, I have worked as an Associate Professor at a university in Spain.


When I left GISMA in 2011 I remained in Germany. I always aspired to have my own business, and felt encouraged that an MBA course at GISMA would help me achieve this. I first set out to learn German, essential for obtaining a job in Germany. I took a language course and had a job at a pub to help further my knowledge of the language. Then in 2012, I landed the job at Fraunhofer IWES in Bremerhaven as a Project Manager and researcher in Project and Risk Management. With the pursuit of entrepreneurship still on my mind, I came across The Founder Institute in May-June 2014. This was the break I was looking for as this organisation trains aspiring entrepreneurs to start up their businesses through a four-month, part-time programme in Berlin. Through expert knowledge and feedback as well as structured training courses and practical assignments I was able to build my business idea. Then in September 2014, TourSnapp was born!


I am currently working on TourSnapp and have been accepted to “SpeedUp! Europe” a start-up acceleration programme designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their ideas. I am also attending the Wolves Summit in Poland, one of the top tech conferences in the EU with 1,500 attendees, to pitch my business idea along with 15 other start-ups. Besides these, I have been invited to be an evaluator for the Eurostars European Program, a funding programme for SMEs”.

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