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Hinrich Claussen, MBA class of 2005

Hinrich Claussen, MBA class of 2005

“I am a Product and Marketing Manager at the Bosch Business Sector Car Multimedia. My career started at the University of Hannover, where I worked in an early phase on digital maps. Those maps became important in the context of car navigation systems, which were invented and developed by Bosch. I did a lot of pioneering work in this completely new industry. A lot of entrepreneurial spirit was required in the emerging industry. A considerable part of the work was recruiting skilled people, training them and forming teams. The work was continued in a Joint Venture called Tele Atlas.


Then the map production went into a more mature phase, the company went public and I decided to go for new endeavours. I had been thinking about an MBA education for some time and I decided to go for the full time course. At that time I was already 45 years old and had a family with two daughters (8 and 10). After we had reached a consensus in the family, I went for the TOEFL and GMAT tests and applied for the MBA course at GISMA. After this was successful, I quit my job and started the course. It was hard in the beginning, and I had to switch to a different mode of study compared to my younger classmates.


After graduation, I applied at different companies in different parts of the world and finally decided to go back to my previous employer. Here, I could combine my job experience and newly acquired knowledge for setting up new businesses, this time in the area of telematics. There were other growth projects to follow. Today strategic marketing and innovation management is the domain I am active in.


However, the lifelong learning process did not stop. After a coaching education, I am active as an internal consultant and outside my current employment as a coach and mentor. Apart from the immediate benefit in daily work after graduation, you are part of a global alumni network with very diverse members. As an example, the MBA 2005 class will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their graduation in Chicago.”

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