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Emadeldin Fawaz, MBA Class of 2013

Emadeldin Fawaz, MBA Class of 2013

“I graduated with a BSc in Chemistry and Geology (Double Major) from Cairo University in 2002. Then I did a Postgraduate Diploma in Geophysics (Cairo University) in 2004. I originally wanted to work in the oil field. However, when I got a position with NAMRU3, a joint venture between the US Navy and the US Department of State (DoS) and located in Cairo, I decided to focus my career as a public health specialist. Through that post I executed many public health and medical research projects in the regions of Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. It was a great 11 year journey, filled with adventures and surprises. I had the privilege of meeting the current US President and the one who may potentially succeed him.


In order to develop my career as a public health specialist, I pursued a Master’s degree in Environmental Science majoring in Environmental Management and Environmental Risk Assessment at Ain Shams University, Egypt. During this time I got a scholarship from the Global Emerging Infection Surveillance and Response System (GEIS), a department of the US government, to do a Certificate in Public Health at the University of Florida (USA) in 2010.


During my experience, I realised that in the medical field, financial skills are in huge demand. I decided that an MBA is the best degree to pursue such knowledge (especially the subjects of general and financial management). I got scholarship offers from many business schools in Europe and the US. I have always been excited to come to Germany. German was my second foreign language at school and I thought it would be a great opportunity to “resurrect” it. I finally decided to land at GISMA. The school has an excellent mix and the faculty is extremely professional, reputable and enjoyable.


The MBA degree significantly impacted my knowledge and my career progress. Currently I am leading the international business development for Medexo GmbH, a German middle-sized start-up in the field of e-Health headquartered in Berlin. I was extremely interested in this post because Medexo will revolutionise medicine the way we know it and it gave me the opportunity to make our world a much better place… and no one can say “no” to Berlin!


My thirst for articulated knowledge did not stop at this point. Now I am pursuing a doctoral degree at Potsdam University. Another opportunity that came my way through my GISMA Professor Dr. Eric Kearney, who is now the Chair of Leadership and OBHR at Potsdam University. I am excited about this project and I am excited about my life, and I admit that I wouldn’t have gotten this far without GISMA.”

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