GISMA Business School established a relationship with Unternehmerverbände Niedersachsen e.V. (UVN). Know more about the UVN from the page.

GISMA has several locations across Germany and has established a relationship with the Unternehmerverbände Niedersachsen e.V. (UVN), the umbrella organisation that represents the interests of companies and employees in the Lower Saxony region. Through this relationship, GISMA has been able to successfully network and perform outreach activities.

UVN acts for 90 employers’ and trade associations in the Lower Saxony region and is therefore one of the major business networks within the region. Additionally, the organisation represents the interests of 150,000 companies as well as more than 3 million employees in the Lower Saxony region. The organisation’s mission is to ensure the economy of Lower Saxony remains competitive on both a national and international scale, in terms of jobs and location.