Karriere im Familienunternehmen

Karriere im Familienunternehmen


Karriere im Familienunternehmen bridges the gap between family-owned companies and highly-skilled professionals.

Family-owned businesses can use Karriere im Familienunternehmen to attract new employees and executives, presenting themselves as notable employers. These businesses differ from public companies in many aspects and offer interesting and challenging opportunities for jobseekers. These opportunities are outlined on the group’s website.

This service presents companies in a clear, comparable way, giving prospective employees a quick overview of the unique selling points of each company. This can include family history, main products, international presence, strategic outlook, and so on. For more information, please visit the website.

This is a network that GISMA Business School are associated with, with all students at GISMA getting free entry to their career fair twice a year, without having to go through the application process.