Coaching pool

We believe in life-long learning and developing individuals into effective change agents. The GISMA Coaching Pool is part of our Careers Centre and enables students to work closely with coaches from different industry sectors to improve their skills in specific fields. Coaching is one of the most important methods of personal and professional development. It focuses on helping students move forward in the field that is important to them, and provides a safe environment for the coachee to share any issues affecting their success.

Individual and group coaching sessions take place every month, parallel to our MBA or master’s programmes and other career services. 

Who are the GISMA coaches?

Our coaches are all experts in their fields, with a great deal of professional experience. All of our coaches are eager to:

  • Share their skills and experience with GISMA students
  • Support students in reflecting on their skills
  • Provide feedback and clarify which key skills are needed
  • Work to reduce any gaps between current performance and desired performance
  • Help clarify milestones of success, set meaningful goals and identify steps for meeting them
  • Assist in improving results

Hinrich Claussen

Hinrich joined the GISMA Coaching Pool in March 2015 and is a pioneer in digital mapping and car navigation. He holds a Diploma in Geodesy and Cartography and graduated from GISMA in 2005. He has been working for Bosch since 1989, and also became a member of the National Management Board of Tele Atlas in 2000.

In 2014, he gained a certificate as a business coach from the German Coaching Academy in Hildesheim and works as a coach and mentor in various institutions.

Andreas Frank

Andreas joined the GISMA Coaching Pool in March 2016. His mission in life is to help people to achieve their full potential, accomplishing great results in their professional and private lives.

He studied mechanical engineering at the RWTH-Aachen and at MIT in Cambridge, USA, and returned to Hannover after completing his MBA at Manheim Business School and at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. Andreas has a lot of international working experience as a project leader, key account manager, and consultant in several industry sectors and countries.

As well as this, Andreas accomplished his coaching education and became a NLP master in order to follow his passion: coaching people for progress in their ‘life career’.

He is currently working as a product manager for an international company in the automatisation industry.

Who can become a GISMA coachee?

The Coaching Pool is designed for full-time international MBA and Master in Management students who are:

  • Interested in developing their career in Germany after completing their programme
  • Looking to improve the skills and competencies which German employers require and learn how to apply them in a professional context
  • Keen to learn from the professional experiences of the coaches and other students
  • Open to new challenges

What kind of coaching is available?

The coaches will assist students with the following topics in each form of coaching, tailored to their needs and expectations.

Career coaching

  • Organisation and culture within German companies
  • Career paths in Germany
  • Preparing for specific positions in certain industries
  • Job application documents
  • Job interviews and assessment centres

Personal coaching

  • Identifying current skills and skills to be developed
  • Business etiquette in Germany
  • German business culture
  • Decision making
  • Self-marketing


Ramon Arturo Marquez Flores, MBA student

“Discovering what you really like and what matters is very important to your career path. Always having a second opinion from an experienced person will help you make better decisions. The GISMA coaching programme has helped me think and plan what I appreciate the most and where I want to get.”

Amir Khalilov, MBA student

“By completing an MBA programme, a student can become good at managing a business effectively, yet it is the different workshops and training organised by the Careers Centre during study that have an enormous effect in enabling students to develop interpersonal skills which will be helpful in professional and personal life. I have joined the Coaching Pool at GISMA to identify my interpersonal skill requirements and develop such skills. I expect from this activity to receive valuable advice from my coach, be able to follow them and achieve set targets at the end of the day. I’ve been able to determine my requirements and now know how to work on them. I am also benefiting from the group discussions on various interesting topics about careers and personal development.”