Mission & Vision

Our vision conveys what GISMA Business School stands for, defines our values and aids transparency, allowing you to understand exactly what we do and why, as well as what we have to offer.

Our mission

GISMA educates individuals to be responsible members of the global business community. GISMA stands for practice-oriented and inspiring management education that enables students to be engaged in life-long learning and synergizing relevant academic science and practice. GISMA cooperates with a network of globally operating organisations in business and higher education and supports the business community in its internationalisation and change processes by preparing students for the global and regional (German) business community.

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Our vision

GISMA Business School has a meaningful impact on the education and professional development of its graduates. Students and employers choose GISMA Business School for its relevant and recognised management education, for its practice-oriented and effective approach of delivery and for network and career opportunities. GISMA students have a positive impact on their professional environment and society by valuing diversity and living up to standards of ethical and sustainable behaviour.

Our values


We strongly value diversity in the backgrounds, ideas, strengths, interests, and experiences of our students, faculty and staff.


We strongly believe in the positive power of change as a motor for continuous improvement and innovation.


We create an environment of honesty, transparency and trust and hold ourselves and our students to the highest standards of ethical behavior.


We are committed to excellence in all our endeavours.