Prof. Dr. Alper Ertürk


Professor of Human Resources Management & Analytics


Dr. Alper Ertürk is a permanent faculty member at GISMA Business School. Dr. Ertürk is a full Professor of Human Resources Management (HRM) and Analytics, teaching courses such as the Executive MBA, Leadership for Digital Transformation, and Leadership and HRM. His knowledge and expertise lie in the fields of HRM, leadership, research and data analytics, as well as project management.

Prior to joining GISMA, he worked as a full-time academician and researcher at universities in Turkey, Belgium and the United States for more than ten years. During his tenure, he served as head of department, member of the board of directors, technology transfer office coordinator and received more than ten scholarships and awards in his field. Additionally, Dr Ertürk has published nearly 100 academic articles, conference papers, books, book chapters and working papers.

He has also had more than ten years of public and private sector experience as a project manager, consultant and trainer. During this time, he served as the chairman of the NATO Maritime Implementation Working Group and senior project manager for three years at NC&IA in Brussels.