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Student story


Pedro is a Master’s student at GISMA and started his studies in October 2015. He is originally from Saltillo, Mexico, which is an important city due to the presence of a strong automotive industry, such as Chrysler and General Motors.


Before attending GISMA, Pedro came from a very international background; he did his high school diploma in Canada and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Australia.


He also gained work experience in sales at Hi Tech-Temp, a Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of electrical heating devices, and at Corona, the famous Mexican beer brand.


We asked Pedro some questions about his experiences with GISMA, his classmates, and Germany.


Pedro, why did you choose to come to GISMA?


“After improving my English with my international experiences, I wanted to learn German by doing my Master’s at GISMA in Germany. At GISMA, I have the possibility to participate in the German classes’ every day, which was one of the perfect conditions for me to choose GISMA.”


What is the biggest difference between Germany and your home country, Mexico?


“I learned not to compare because I was in so many countries. Everyone and everything is different. But especially in Germany, it’s not usual to have eye contact, people are having more distance to each other. Otherwise, at the Christmas market I experienced the opposite as the whole atmosphere was really amazing and relaxed. I am really happy that I had the chance to see a German Christmas market.”


What are your thoughts on the German cuisine?


“I enjoyed Bratwurst and Glühwein at the Christmas market very much!”


How did you spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve?


“I was in Vigra, Norway. I am trying to travel a lot during my study to get to know Europe and all its different countries better. It’s also an advantage here in Germany, that you can reach so many different countries in a few hours.”


What do you like most about GISMA?


“I really like my classmates, which makes me appreciate GISMA very much. Also, I am very impressed by the professors, e.g. Professor Norbert Homma has his own consulting company and our finance professor is an advisor for a politician.”


How do you find the lectures?


“Actually very good, I had five lectures and four of them have been really good. They start at 9 am and end at 4 pm, including breaks. I like the fact that the first half of the lecture day is theoretical and the second half is about case studies and teamwork.“


How would you describe the experience of learning alongside so many different nationalities?


“It’s great. I love it. I mean we are studying international business, and it’s perfect if everyone can contribute to the project with the perspective from his own country. I also learn how to communicate with people from various countries, which will definitely help me in future job positions.”


What are your future plans?


“After graduating at GISMA, I am planning to work in the sports sector, possibly in Norway.  But let’s see what the future brings. I will be open for new adventures in the world.


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