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Self-marketing seminar at GISMA


On 28 September, branding expert, Leonie Stankewitz, conducted a self-marketing seminar for GISMA students as part of the Careers Centre’s Professional Development series.
Self-marketing – also known as personal branding - helps individuals improve their professional reputation and, therefore, enhance their careers. Successful self-marketing can help candidates separate themselves from hundreds of other applicants who may be competing for the same job.
Leonie Stankewitz is the owner of LKS CONSULTING, and works as a consultant for many well-known companies. Leonie has over 10 years of experience in conducting projects on strategic brand development, new business and product management, change management, and team and organisation development.
Leonie taught GISMA students all about self-marketing and how to apply it within the German labour market. Students had time to reflect on their own USPs and decide how to transfer marketing principles to their own personal brand.

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