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Professional development training at GISMA


On 21 November, GISMA students attended a training session as part of the GISMA Career Centre’s Professional Development Series. Sascha Müller, senior product manager and head of quality management at a globally operating IT company, gave students a one-day training workshop on project management.


Participants explored the specifics of project management and their application, using tools and real-life examples to help them execute their own projects more effectively.


MBA student Nan Chen said: “This workshop is very helpful and just in time as together with the project team I’m currently working on the new product development in my internship company. The workshop delivered a complex knowledge package in one day, very intensive, but sufficient. It covered all the important elements and notable processes. I perceived a clearer picture of every function for different project phases and a bunch of soft skills in terms of team coordination and internal communications. I believe such knowledge and skills will be effectively linked with my project management work and I will achieve better results for each of my daily tasks.”

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