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Prof. Homma about Consulting


"I have spent the greater part of my professional life in management consulting. The focus of my work has been predominantly in the area of change management, which is essentially about aligning organisations and people.


Today, rapid change is the order of the day in many industries around the globe. Companies are under constant pressure to adapt to new challenges, arising from technological developments or changes in the competitive environment.


Why would companies rely on external consultants to help them manage change? Quite often, companies or organisations simply lack the experience of dealing with complex change processes both systematically and effectively. Particularly those consultants, who have worked in a variety of industries and organisations, can offer the breadth of experience, which companies desperately need and which isn’t always readily available. Such know-how is especially valuable, when dealing with change initiatives across countries and cultures.


Although most of my consulting business has been in Europe and North America, many projects have included assignments in Asia or Latin America. Working with people from different walks of life and cultures and helping them to navigate the turbulent waters of change has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me."

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