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Marga Hoek delivered a lecture at GISMA


On 16 November, Marga Hoek, CEO of Dutch Sustainable Business Association and Chairman of the Sustainable Science Association, delivered a lecture to GISMA students.


Her lecture focused on economic imbalances in the world and how the new economy can reduce the side effects of the old economy to create positive value, listing examples of companies who are working towards sustainability.


Ms Hoek is a seasoned spokesperson with robust public profile in all media, and is an author of numerous publications. This includes her recent pioneering management book, New Economy Business, which won Management Book of the Year 2014.


GISMA master’s student, Pedro Eduardo Hernandez Zapien, said: “Ms Hoek’s lecture was very engaging. It was interesting to explore new perspectives about future economic sustainability. Her teaching techniques were also unique as she asked us questions about a topic before she presented it.”


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