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Initiative Wissenschaft Hannover celebrates its 10th anniversary

We are pleased to announce that Initiative Wissenschaft Hannover (Science initiative Hannover), a project that GISMA Business School has worked on since the beginning, is celebrating its tenth anniversary and a raft of excellent achievements.


Hannover’s science network and its associated projects now have an excellent international reputation due to the work of Initiative Wissenschaft Hannover, which is made up of 15 partners (including GISMA).


The group connects universities, science, and the city of Hannover, successfully furthering science, research, and education in the region.


In the summer of 2017, the initiative was used by the British Council as an outstanding example of cooperation, and they recommended that British institutions learn from it. This shows that the network has set standards for best practice on a national and international level.


Initiative Wissenschaft Hannover’s efforts have included the internet portal www.wissen.hannover.de, which received the Fox Award Gold in September 2017 for efficient cross-media advertisement and has been labelled as an impressive and inspirational example of collaboration.


The portal is used to offer added value for Hannover, its inhabitants, and the region overall. 555 video clips on the site educate readers about the study programmes, research, and entrepreneurship opportunities in Hannover.


GISMA MD Dr Thorsten Thiel is proud of the initiative and its achievements. He said: “The internet portal of the Initiative Wissenschaft Hannover is truly a success and affirms Hannover as a unique location for science and research. Interested individuals from all over the world find information about the manifold offers in education, research, and science in one single place.”

The initiative has also been praised by renowned institutions such as the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

In addition to the online portal, the welcome culture for international students in Hannover and several campaigns on housing for them are used as best-practice examples across Germany and are an immense success.


Another key project of the network is the bi-annual November of Science, which draws more than 40, 000 visitors. In 2018, it will offer more than 300 events about study programmes, research, and education.


Through the network and its projects, the city of Hannover and its institutions have also become part of a research cluster that is working on the topic of collaboration between research and society for the European Commission.


The full press release and more information about the anniversary can be found in German here.

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