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Going Global: StartUp-Impuls Competition


On 18 November, GISMA hosted the Going Global: StartUp-Impuls Competition for Hannover. The event was organised by hannoverimpuls, which is an economic development company which promotes and supports the start-up, growth, and relocation of companies in the Hannover region.


During the event, CEOs of regional start-ups found out more about the StartUp-Impuls competition at hannoverimpuls and discovered the possibilities and challenges of developing international business models.


In addition, GISMA’s acting Dean, Dr Frank Witt, gave a lecture on new opportunities in the context of international business models. As a Chairman of SCI Holding Ltd., a Hong Kong based investment company, he gave the attending CEOs advice and new ideas.


During the lecture, Professor Witt talked about the driving forces behind social and economic development, naming technology one of these.


He said: “Some societies, institutions and companies are benefitting more from specific technologies than others. Organisational innovation seems to be more important than technological artefacts. What technology enables and not what technology is, is decisive.”


Björn Höhne, the Project Manager for the StartUp-Impuls competition, said: “We chose GISMA Business School to host our event because it perfectly fits to the idea of "Going Global”. GISMA cumulates a lot of knowledge and experience about international business models.”


This corresponds to the vision GISMA holds of being a school for business, employers and entrepreneurs.


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