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GISMA visits Institute of Mechatronic Systems


14 Master in Management GISMA students recently toured the robotics and medical technology laboratories at Leibniz University, exploring innovation and technology-driven entrepreneurship. The visit was instrumental in helping the students understand how radical innovation is developed and giving them insights into recognising opportunities in medical technology.


The tour was organised by Professor Dr Ing Tobias Ortmaier and Dr Frank Harry Witt (former Dean of GISMA) as part of the entrepreneurship and innovation course. MIM student and class representative Jendrik Silomon said that the E&I course has been extremely demanding but really ground-breaking, adding that the tour of the labs at Leibniz University met his expectations and complements well the theories taught during the course.


GISMA and the Institute of Mechatronic Systems hope to further co-operate and establish exchange programmes in other areas, such as business ventures.


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