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Social intelligence workshop at GISMA


On the week commencing 8 Feb 2016, GISMA students received training from Andreas and Thomas Frank. The training, titled “Mastering Social Intelligence for Business Excellence”, was part of the Career Centre’s Professional Development Programme.
Andreas Frank said: “Many people struggle with their career not because of a lack of competence in their respective work area. They struggle with their career due to a lack of social intelligence. Social intelligence is the ability to recognize their own and other people's behaviour and to use that information to navigate effectively complex social relationships. That ability can be impressively improved with proper training. Mastering social intelligence is a key success booster for business careers.”
The workshop gave students an in-depth understanding of how to manage business relationships, using a mix of presentations, case study analysis, and group discussions. The participants learned the rules of “followership”, the importance of social intelligence, and the proper use of positive influence on colleagues. The workshop also covered how to handle people and difficult situations in a business context.


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