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GISMA Rector’s Evening


On 16 October, GISMA hosted a Rector’s Evening for MBA and Master in Management students, as well as external guests. GISMA’s Rector, Professor Maurits van Rooijen, gave a warm welcome speech before GISMA’s Managing Director Dr Thorsten Thiel introduced the evening’s guest speaker, Professor Dr Richard Raatzsch.

Professor Raatzsch is the Vice President and Dean at EBS University for business and law in Wiesbaden/Oestrich-Winkel. He is also Professor of Practical Philosophy, which means he is also responsible for the “Studium Universale”, a course designed to integrate philosophical and ethical issues into business, management, and legal education. His talk on “The Honorable Merchant” gave all guests an interesting insight into his research work on philosophy and business, referring to thinkers such as Wittgenstein. At the end of the presentation, guests enjoyed an evening of networking and refreshments.

Dr Thorsten Thiel, GISMA’s Managing Director, said: "In his impressive and inspiring lecture, Professor Raatzsch illustrated in a very unique style of delivery that successful leaders of tomorrow not only need a basic understanding of, and qualification in, reasoning through numbers, such as mathematics and accounting, but also through words, such as philosophy, linguistics, and literature."

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