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GISMA partners with Initiative Wissenschaft


GISMA Business School is an official member of “Initiative Wissenschaft”, which is a regional initiative for science that aims to increase the appeal of Hannover as a top science and business location.


GISMA is joining other prestigious members, such as Leibniz Universität, Medizinische Hochschule, and the VolkswagenStiftung.


Qualified employees and leaders are in great demand in Hannover due to increasing international competition and demographical changes. The Initiative plays an important role by generating contact between science and business to transform Hannover into an attractive hub for both sectors.


GISMA is supporting the region by training young people from all over the world to become the business leaders of tomorrow. The school helps to prepare students for leadership positions in any sector in the Hannover region, helping students demonstrate their skills in regional businesses with six month internships.


For more information about GISMA and its partner “Initiative Wissenschaft” please visit the website.



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