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GISMA joins Dual Career Network


The Dual Career Network has been launched by Initiative Wissenschaft Hannover. It has been founded to recruit qualified employees for leadership positions, increasing the profile of Hannover as a place of science and business.


Dual Career is an employer network open for organisations from the science, business, and service sectors. They are supporting spouses of newly appointed professors and junior executives with a science background who are starting their professional lives in and around Hannover. The service especially relates to situations where both partners possess a strong dedication to their work. As the number of these couples is relatively high in the science and business sector, more and more are choosing their working and living location based on which region offers both of them good professional chances.


With increasing challenges such as international competition, demographic changes and the resulting skills shortage, Initiative Wissenschaft takes the opportunity to offer a job placement service for dual career couples by using regional contacts. This means that the chances for organisations gaining qualified employees increases with the number of dual career network members.


Companies, authorities, associations and organisations are invited to be a member of the network. They will benefit from access to interested applicants at an early stage, as well as positive marketing aspects. Alongside other members such as Leibniz Universität Hannover, VolkswagenStiftung, and the provincial city of Hannover, GISMA Business School became a member of the Dual Career Network to offer support for dual career couples who are starting their professional live in Hannover. GISMA is pleased to be a part of this initiative, as the gain of qualified employees, such as professors is highly important for the education sector of Hannover and especially for GISMA Business School.


For more information about the demand for qualified employees or the dual career network, please contact:


Claudia Schulpin
Koordinierung des Dual Career Netzwerkes
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Welfengarten 1
30167 Hannover
Fon: +49 511 762 2299
Fax:+49 511 762 4004
Email: claudia.schulpin@zuv.uni-hannover.de


For more information about Initiative Wissenschaft Hannover, please visit: www.science-hannover.de


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