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GISMA Dean speaks at Hannover Festival of Science

Last week, GISMA Business School Dean Dr Steve Priddy was honoured to make a presentation to the citizens of Hannover as part of the city’s fifth annual festival of science. 


The event is an open house invitation for educational, religious and cultural institutions to highlight their activities. Dr Priddy spoke about the increasing pace of renewable development in the transition to a low carbon world. 


He highlighted the speed at which the cost of renewable energy is plummeting, the new economics of oil as articulated by the Chief Economist of BP, and the alarm with which players in the automotive sector are greeting the ambitious plans of Tesla Motors in its mass production of affordable electric vehicles. 


Finally, he drew attention to the idea of unburnable fossil fuels: that oil, gas and coal will need to be left in the ground if we are to avoid dangerous levels of climate change. 


GISMA was pleased to contribute to the local community of Hannover in this way, and intends to develop this in the future.


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