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Financial Trading, Ethics & Machine Intelligence: Proceedings of the Finance Conference held by GEM, ULaw, GISMA and De Broc School of Business in London

Faculty members and students from GISMA Business School, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), The University of Law and De Broc School of Business today released the proceedings of the jointly-organised finance conference, which was held on 18 March 2017 in London. The document delves into a number of subjects that were discussed during the event and defines an emerging research agenda.


The conference explored artificial intelligence, ethics, and financial trading. The event was attended by representatives from Lloyds Bank, Goldman Sachs, and the University of Greenwich, as well as alumni from GEM and a guest speaker from GISMA. A range of speakers from academia, banking, and entrepreneurial backgrounds were invited to share their perspectives on these topics.  A high level review of the literature was conducted by one of the authors to provide an academic context to the conference. 


The topics included the future of regulation in financial services, blockchain technology as a potential social good, employability in future financial services provision, and the attributes of today's board directors in UK financial services.


According to the authors, from the proceedings “it becomes clear that the danger of further crises is never far away, despite the many efforts of regulators, policy makers and governments.  The lack of integration between the three themes is of particular concern and it is to be hoped that this conference has made some small contribution towards this end.”


The event concluded with proposals for publication, dissemination of findings, and plans for future meetings.


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