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Efficient networking seminar


On 14 October, GISMA’s career department hosted a networking workshop for students as a fundamental part of our Professional Development Series. Guest speaker Andreas Frank conducted a one-day workshop titled Efficient Networking – Finding the Job you Want, sharing his experiences and knowledge of networking. Mr Frank works as a consultant and product manager in the automotive industry.
The workshop gave students an in-depth understanding of how to get the job they dream of by networking efficiently and focusing on what they really want in life and business through self-reflection. Through a mix of presentations, discussions, and group exercises, students enjoyed a creative, inspiring, and energising course. They learned about the importance of vision, values, context, and clarity, as well as how to apply for the right position and what networking means in that context.
They also found out how they can identify and approach their own network, developing an initial list of people to contact and a set of networking tools they can apply in their business life.

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