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Company presentation with Flex Payment

Last month, GISMA hosted a very successful guest speaker event with Mr Aimé Ndayisaba, the founder and CEO of FLEX Payment in Hamburg.

The company is an innovative fin-tech organisation which offers financial solutions to freelancers and small businesses. It specializes in alternative payments and bank operational accounts that keep cash flow working, increasing speed and decreasing frustration. The company has been providing support for over 100 customers for 4 years now.


Mr Ndayisaba brought a wealth of experience to his talk, which was titled ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts: How Fintechs are Reshaping the Financial Services Industry’. He also designed a project for MBA students, asking them to work in teams to analyse and develop pre-money company valuation. The teams presented their results during the lecture and received Mr Ndayisaba’s feedback on their work.

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