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Collaboration with IIPA

GISMA collaborates with Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA)


GISMA and the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) came together recently to organise a customised seminar for senior representatives of large Indian corporations, such as Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and Goa Shipyard Limited.


IIPA organises trips for senior executives to enhance their understanding of the public and private sectors in different parts of the world. This year, they have chosen GISMA as their training provider. The lecturers for this group of executives were Nick Martin from London and Steven Ney from Berlin.


“Nick Martin’s profile is very impressive,” said Dr Pawan, one of the attendees.


Nick Martin previously lectured at LSBF, and over the last fifteen years he has been appointed to the boards of several public bodies in the UK, as well as a number of private sector boards and various appointments in Scandinavia and Asia. He currently chairs the Finance and Investment Committee of the Board of the London Ambulance Service, as well as sitting on the board of one of the UK's biggest social housing associations.


Steven Ney gave an introduction lecture on design thinking and innovation, using case studies and interactive mini-games. He was a professor in policy sciences and social entrepreneurship for six years in Germany. He joined the HPI School of Design Thinking in July 2015, where he is responsible for developing new teaching formats for design thinking as well as inquiring into the impact of design thinking on large organisations.


In addition to lectures on business and the public sector, the delegation were also treated to dinner as a thank you for choosing GISMA as their executive seminar provider.

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