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Student Story: Gonçalo

Interview with Masters in Management student, Gonçalo Reis, from Portugal


Hello Gonçalo! Thank you for coming for an interview with GISMA Business School to discuss your experiences so far.


How do you find living in Germany compared to Portugal?

There are many differences, but it did not take long to get used to the differences in culture, attitude, and norms of society. After being here for almost 8 months, I am really starting to enjoy it.


Hannover is affordable and the quality of life is really good. However, I do miss the weather and cuisine in Portugal. Fortunately, there are Portuguese restaurants in Hannover.


Also, Hannover is a very interesting destination - compared to Portugal, it is a much more culturally diverse location. It has been a great experience meeting people from so many different backgrounds.


How would you describe your learning experience with a Masters in Management degree at GISMA?

The degree itself is very demanding and requires a lot of reading. The professors at GISMA are very experienced and they show passion for the topics they teach. It is difficult to do a whole degree in my second language, but it has also been challenging in a good way. I am happy that the projects and topics discussed in lectures are relevant to today’s business culture and events.


Overall, I have learned a lot from my Master’s degree and I’m looking forward to the next modules that we are going to study.


Do you plan to stay in Germany after your Master’s degree?

Yes, I would like to spend some time in Germany understanding more about the culture and continuing to learn the German language.


I would also further my understanding of the German corporate sector practically by looking for a job in Germany. GISMA included free German lessons as part of my studies to increase my confidence and interest in finding work within a Germany company.


How do you think GISMA has changed you since your arrival?

I see the world in a much broader sense. I see all companies having a responsibility to make themselves visible in an international context. I have also understood the importance of managing resources, both in terms of staff and finance. However, most importantly, I feel I have learned a lot about a different study and work culture that will prepare me for my future career.


Would you recommend education at GISMA to your friends colleagues in Portugal?


Yes! Both in terms of the degree and the experience of seeing a multicultural city. I have met amazing people here in Hannover who I believe will be my close friends for a long time to come.


I would highly recommend a master’s degree at GISMA to anyone, from any part of the world.

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