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Female leaders and sustainability

GISMA hosts discussion on female leaders and sustainability


GISMA hosted the chief executive of the Lower Saxony’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Dr Susanne Schmitt (pictured), this week for a discussion whether or not women leaders are more sustainable than their male counterparts.


Dr Schmitt’s lecture focused on female successors for family owned enterprises. During the last 10 years, the percentage of female successors in Germany has risen by 20%. Despite this, company owners often still assign their businesses to sons rather than daughters.


Dr Schmitt urged women to network with each other and to believe in their own potential. “Women leaders in most cases are very well qualified and ambitious. However, in order to become even more successful leaders they need to network more strategically. Events like this one at GISMA encourage women to self-reflect and to expand their professional network. I’m happy to support this project.”, she stated.


GISMA also hosted an interview with female start-up owner, Ms Stefanie Griesse, who runs a successful catering company. She shared with participants her experiences by answering questions regarding her professional development from an employee to, now a company owner.


During a panel discussion led by Ms Birgit Feeß, CEO of Pro Hannover Region association, guest speakers like Ms Sabine Baasch, Mr Sebastian Baacke, Mr Hinrich Claussen, Ms Cornelia Klaus and Dr Schmitt explored the topic further.


One of the attendees said: “The event has offered me, as a part-time working mother, an ideal diversion from my normal course of life. It has inspired me to reflect about my career path. Now, I’ve started to wonder, what if I had chosen a different way in my career life.”


Guest speakers and attendees both deemed the event a huge success.

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