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Workshop: Decision-making


On the week commencing 11 Jan 2016, GISMA hosted a one-day workshop on decision making. It was designed and delivered by Marcus Vock, the CEO and owner of IPSUM GbR (pictured above), and Paulina Zelazowska-Müller, Career Department and Alumni Manager at GISMA.


The workshop gave attendees an understanding of all aspects of the decision making process, including methods for decision making and convincing people, cultural factors, and the meaning of emotions and emotional intelligence. Students were also provided with self-assessment tools to reflect on their own decision making styles and emotional intelligence scores.


Juan Carlos Arevalo, a full-time MBA student, said: “This workshop helped me to refresh some concepts and to learn others from another perspective. It was really good to assess my emotional intelligence and to realise there are some competencies that need to be improved. Having a good balance between our emotions and our logical thinking is the key to take the best decision. It was a very interactive and dynamic seminar.”


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