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Dr-Ing Dagmar Ridder

Dr-Ing Dagmar Ridder

Dagmar Ridder completed her first degree in physical geography and landscape ecology. Upon graduation she found work as a technical assistant in development cooperation as part of a forestry/land use project lead by the GIZ (formerly GTZ) in the Republic of Benin.

Following a period of overseas employment, Dr. Ridder conducted a PhD at the Technical University of Dortmund at the SPRING Centre “Spatial Planning for Regions of Growing Economies” (Faculty of Spatial Planning).

She continued as a postdoc at the Institute of Environmental Systems Research at the University of Osnabrück where she participated in research projects on European and International Water Management.

Dr Ridder was also managing director for a small consultancy involved in water and climate related research projects before moving to an accreditation agency where she learned about quality management in higher education. She now teaches in the field of water and environmental management.

Selected Publications


  • Borowski, I., B. Kastens, D. Ridder (2008), Area co-operations as an instrument of public participation for implementing the EU Water Framework Directive: networking and social learning. E-WAter. Official Publication of the European Water Association (EWA), 2008. ISSN 1994-8549
  • Pahl-Wostl. C., Bouwen, R., Craps, M., Mostert, E., Ridder, D., Tàbara, D., Tallieu, T. (2008). The importance of social learning and culture for sustainable water management. Ecological Economics 64: 484-495.
  • Ridder, D. & Pahl-Wostl, C. (2005). Participatory Integrated Assessment in local level planning" published in "Regional Environmental Change " ISSN:1436-3798 (Paper) 1436-378X (Online) DOI:10.1007/s10113-004-0089-4 ; (Online First)


  • Rotter, S., C. Terwisscha van Scheltinga, C. Van Bers, D. Ridder, F. Jaspers and P. van der Keur. (2009). Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer. In J. Mysiak, et. al. The Adaptive Resource Management Handbook. London: Earthscan.
  • Ahlers, R. & Ridder, D. (2008). “The social dimensions of IWRM: Where does inequality fit in?” in Jos G. Timmerman, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Jörn Möltgen. The adaptiveness of Integrated Water Resources Management - Analysing European IWRM research. European Water Research Series.
  • Ridder, D., Newig, J., Pahl-Wostl, C. (2008). Linking Public Participation to Adaptive Management. In: Groundwater Science & Policy, Editor: Ph. Quevauviller , Publisher: RSC - The Royal Society for Chemistry (WSF), Cambridge.
  • Hare, O. Barreteau, Beck, Cogan, E. Mostert, Letcher, D. Ridder, D. Tàbara, D. (2006). Selected methods for stakeholder participation in water management. Chapter 7 in: C. Giupponi, T. Jakeman, D. Karssenberg and M. Hare (eds.): Sustainable Management of Water Resources: an Integrated Approach. Edward Elgar Publishing Company, Cheltenham.
  • Ridder, D., Mostert, E., Wolters, H.A. (eds) (2005). Learning together to manage together – Improving participation in water management. University of Osnabrück, Institute of Environmental Systems Research, ISBN 3-00-016970-9, Osnabrück. 
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