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Dr. rer. pol. Dipl.- Ing. Daniel Ehls

Dr. rer. pol. Dipl.- Ing. Daniel Ehls

Dr Daniel Ehls is a permanent faculty member at GISMA Business School. He joined GISMA in 2017 and teaches innovation, technology management, and entrepreneurship.

He is the principal investigator of the research project Open Foresight at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), and since September 2015 has been a visiting scholar at the Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard University. Prior to his academic path, he worked as a management advisor and coach.


Dr Ehls studied technology management at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) and Nottingham (England). From 2007 to 2011, he worked at Accenture as a management advisor for strategy and product development in several international projects with leading multinationals.

He received his PhD in 2013 from Hamburg University of Technology for his research on open collaborative innovation communities, and continued at the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management as head of the research unit Open and User Innovation. He gained further academic experience as a visiting scholar at Tokyo Tech University and Harvard, as well as lecturing at different universities.

He concentrates on open and user innovation, as well as organization theory and problem solving in the digitalized economy. He specializes in distributed innovation processes, like crowdsourcing, external search, collaborative product development, and self-organizing communities.

His research builds on mixed research approaches and empirical data, for which he frequently collaborates with business corporations. He also edited the book “Open Source Innovation - The Phenomenon, Participant's Behavior, Business Implication” (Routeledge, 2015) together with Prof. Cornelius Herstatt. 

Selected Publications


 Contributions with scientific peer review (only full paper)

  • Ehls, D.; Korreck, S.; Jahn R.; Zeng, M.A.; Heuschneider, S.; Herstatt, C.; Koller, H.; Spaeth, S. (2017): Open Foresight: Exploiting Information from External Sources. Forthcoming . IPDMC Conference Proceedings, Reykjavik, Island (an earlier paper is available under http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2764208)
  • Ehls, (2017): Open Source Project Collapse – Sources and Patterns of Failure. Proceedings of the HICSS 2017 http://aisel.aisnet.org/hicss-50/os/open_source/3/
  • Ehls, D. (2015): Appropriating knowledge from external individuals in dyadic firm collaborations: Insights into success conditions. World Open Innovation Conference Proceedings, Santa Clara, CA
  • Ehls, D. (2015): Trading-off the microfoundations of openness: Determinants of Participation Decisions in Open Innovation Initiatives. Proceedings of DRUID15. LUISS, Rome, Italy
  • Ehls, D. (2015): Specifying Foresight Capabilities as Driver for Organizational Change and New Product Development. IPDMC Conference Proceedings, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Bierwald, J., Ehls, D., Herstatt, C. (2014): Entrepreneurial members in Online Innovation Communities – Blessing or Curse?. G-Forum, Oldenburg, Germany
  • Ehls, D. (2014): Joining Open Source Communities under Alternatives: Openness Trade-Offs and User Traits Contingency. Academy of Management Conference Proceedings, Philadelphia, USA. (also presented: Annual meeting VHB, TIE division 2014, a later modified version at DRUID15) 
  • Ehls, D. (2014): Attracting Participants in Open Innovation Communities: Revealing Joining Preferences. XXV ISPIM Innovation Conference Proceedings, Dublin, Ireland
  • Lehnen, J., Ehls, D., Herstatt, C. (2014): How is the lead user approach implemented in practice? A literature review of articles in management press. R&D Management Conference Proceedings, Stuttgart, Deutschland
  • Ehls, D., Herstatt, C. (2014): Diversity of participants in open source projects: Revealing differences within and between software, content, fun and business communities. Proceedings of the Annual Open and User Innovation Conference, Boston, USA
  • Ehls, D., Herstatt, C. (2013): Open Source Participation Behaviour - A Review and Introduction of a Participation Lifecycle Model. Proceedings of the 35th DRUID Celebration Conference. ESADE, Barcelona, Spain
  • Ehls, D., Dedja, E., Herstatt, C. (2012): Open Source Software and Open Content Comparison: Same Same but Different. Proceedings of the 34th DRUID Conference. CBS, Copenhagen, Denmark


Popular press, media, and further contributions

  • Ehls, D. (2014): The next level of global innovation: from leading products to leading markets? International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 64, Nos. 2/3/4, 2014
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