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Dr Constantinos Alexiou

Dr Constantinos Alexiou

Dr.  Constantinos Alexiou teaches economics all over the world, as well as supervising PhD/DBA students. He is also a member of the European economic forum for alternative economic policy in the EU, and is currently the editor of the International Journal of Economics.


Dr Alexiou has held full-time and part-time academic posts at many universities, including Queen Mary University of London, London Guildhall University, the Open University, City College at Sheffield University, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and the University of Ioannina.


He holds visiting professorial appointments at universities in Greece and Russia. His research revolves around labour markets, macroeconomic policy, post-Keynesian economics, determinants of bank profitability, and financial sector reform in transition economies.


At GISMA, Dr Alexiou teaches Applied Macroeconomics, Post-Keynesian Economics, Development Economics and Political Economy.

Selected Publications

  • Papageorgiadis N, Alexiou C, Nellis J (2015) On Patent Legislation, Patent Enforcement and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries On Patent Legislation.  Global Business and Economics Review,  () -.
  • Vogiazas S, Alexiou C (2015) Banking Performance and the Business Cycle: Empirical Evidence from Greece. In Press.  Global Business and Economics Review,  () -.
  • Alexiou C, Nellis J (2015) Investment Decisions within the Context of Financialization: Cointegration Evidence from the UK Economy. In Press.  Panoeconomicus,  () -.
  • Tsoulfidis L, Alexiou C, Parthenidis T (2015)   Revisiting profit persistence and the stock market in JapanStructural Change and Economic Dynamics, 33 (June) 10-24.
  • Vogiazas S, Alexiou C (2014) 'Putting the Horse Before the Cart: A Pre-crisis Panel Data Investigation of Greek Bank Credit Growth.  Review of Applied Economics, 10 (1-2) 49-67.
  • Alexiou C, Nellis J (2014) Is Capitalism Good for the Economy?  Management Focus, 37 (28-29).
  • Papageorgiadis N, Cross AR, Alexiou C (2014)   International patent systems strength 1998-2011. Journal of World Business, 49 (4) 586-597.
  • Alexiou C, Karanikolas N, Xifilidou A (2014) Determinants of Construction Activity. Cointegration Evidence from the Greek Real Estate Market.  The Empirical Economics Letters, 13 (6) 675-685.
  • Alexiou C, Kaimaris D, Soliopoulou A (2014) Economic Determinants of Spatial Variation of Urban Boundaries of Cities: Emerging Evidence from a Panel Data Investigation.  International Journal of Economics, 8 (1) 50-57.
  • Vogiazas S, Alexiou C (2013)   Liquidity and the business cycle: Empirical evidence from the Greek banking sectorEconomic Annals, 58 (199) 109-125.
  • Alexiou C, Nellis J (2013)   Challenging the Raison d'etre of Internal Devaluation in the Context of the Greek EconomyPanoeconomicus, 60 (6) 813-836.
  • Alexiou C, Nellis J (2013) Is there life after "death" for the Greek economy?  International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 3 (4) 861-873.
  • Papageorgiadis N, Cross AR, Alexiou C (2013)   The impact of the institution of patent protection and enforcement on entry mode strategy: A panel data investigation of U.S. firmsInternational Business Review, 22 (1) 278-292.
  • Alexiou C (2012) Lesson from the Eurozone Crisis.  Management Focus, 33 (22-23).
  • Alexiou C, Nellis J (2012)   Is the "Euro" a Defunct Currency? International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 2 (3) 296-303.
  • Osman RH, Alexiou C, Tsaliki P (2012)   The role of institutions in economic development: Evidence from 27 Sub-Saharan African countriesInternational Journal of Social Economics, 39 (1/2) 142-160.
  • Alexiou C (2011) When the Bough Breaks: Making Sense of the Greek Economic "Waterloo". International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 1 (3) 123-132.
  • Alexiou C (2011)   An empirical note on government expenditure and imports: An ARDL cointegration investigationRivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali, 118 (2) 263-274.
  • Alexiou C, Anastasiadis G (2010) FDI and Financial Restructuring in the SEE. An Overview. International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, 8 (2) 107-126.
  • Alexiou C (2010) An Overview of the Greek Electricity Market: Testing the Viability of the Electricity Budget.  International Journal of Economics, 4 (1) 59-69.
  • Alexiou C, Tsaliki P (2010) An Empirical Investigation of Kaldor's Growth Laws Evidence from the Mediterranean Region.  The Indian Economic Journal, 58 (3) 144-155.
  • Alexiou C (2010)   A Keynesian-Kaleckian model of investment determination: a panel data investigationJournal of Post Keynesian Economics, 32 (3) 427-443.
  • Alexiou C (2010) A Note on Ricardian Fiscal Regimes: Empirical Evidence from Greece.  The Empirical Economics Letters, 9 (2) 183-192.
  • Alexiou C, Tsaliki P (2009)   Unemployment revisited: Empirical evidence from 20 OECD countriesContributions To Political Economy, 28 (1) 23-34.
  • Alexiou C, Sofoklis V (2009)   Determinants of bank profitability: Evidence from the Greek banking sectorEconomic Annals, 54 (182) 93-118.
  • Alexiou C (2009) Modelling Investment Behaviour: Emerging Evidence.  The Indian Economic Journal, 56 (4) 21-36.
  • Alexiou C (2009) Government Spending and Economic Growth: Econometric Evidence from the South Eastern Europe (SEE) Constantinos.  Journal of Economic and Social Research, 11 (1) 1-16.
  • Alexiou C, Malioura V (2008) Purchasing Power Parity: Emerging Evidence from Asia.  The Empirical Economics Letters, 7 (8) 795-802.
  • Alexiou C, Tsaliki P, Tsoulfidis L (2008) The Greek Hyperinflation Revisited.  Ekonomia, 11 (1) 19-34.
  • Alexiou C (2008) An Empirical Investigation into the Relationship Between R&D and Productivity.  International Journal of Economics, 2 (1) 1-5.
  • Alexiou C, Tsaliki P (2007) Foreign Direct Investment-Led Growth Hypothesis. Evidence from the Greek Economy.  Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business, 10 (1) 85-97.
  • Alexiou C (2007) Unraveling the Mystery; Between Public Expenditure and Growth: Empirical Evidence from Greece.  International Journal of Economics, 1 (1) 21-31.
  • Alexiou C (2007) Seeking to Redress the Balance between Capital Stock and Unemployment: Empirical Evidence from 14 EU Countries.  Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics, 7 (1) 237-245.
  • Alexiou C (2007) The Role of the Term Structure of Interest Rates in the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy: A Cointegration Analysis.  The Empirical Economics Letters, 6 (5) 403-413.
  • Alexiou C, Tsaliki P (2007) Foreign Direct Investment-Led Growth Hypothesis. Evidence from the Greek Economy.  Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business, 10 (1) 85-97.
  • Alexiou C (2006) Effective Demand, Inward Direct Investment, and European Unemployment: Demand and Supply-side Considerations.  International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, 4 (2) 97-106.
  • Alexiou C (2006) Macroeconomic Policy in the Leaden Age in Europe: An Overview.  Indian Development Review, 4 (1) 209-224.
  • Alexiou C, Toro D (2006) Foreign Direct Investment Revisited: Empirical Evidence from a Country in Transition: The Case of Albania.  Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business, 9 (2) 59-94.
  • Alexiou C, Argitis G (2005) Macroeconomic Policy and Unemployment: Empirical Evidence from the Euroland.  Review of Applied Economics, 1 (1) 1-20.
  • Alexiou C (2004)   An econometric investigation into the macroeconomic relationship between investment and saving: Evidence from the EU regionInternational Review of Applied Economics, 18 (1) 93-102.
  • Alexiou C, Argitis G (2003) Capital Constraints and Unemployment in OECD countries. Spoudai, 53 (2) 23-36.
  • Alexiou C, Karanasos M, Karanassou M (2003) Stability Pact and Interest Rate Spillovers: Evidence from two EU Countries.  Journal of Political Economy, 13 (Autumn) 31-55.
  • Alexiou C (2003) Reflections on Macroeconomic Policy and European Unemployment after Maastricht: Some Evidence.  Spoudai, 53 (1) 13-36.
  • Alexiou C, Pitelis C (2003) On capital shortages and European unemployment: a panel data investigation.  Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 25 (4) 613-640.
  • Alexiou C (2001) Crafting a Post Keynesian macroeconomic framework to explain European unemployment: econometric evidence from the European Union countries.  Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 24 (1) 59-80.
  • Alexiou C (2000) An Alternative Approach to Explaining Unemployment. Evidence from a Three-country Study.  Spoudai, 50 (3-4) 19-35.


  • Alexiou C (2010) An Introductory Note on Econometrics: Basic Concepts. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.


  • Alexiou C, Anastasiadis G (2009) Direct-To-Pharmacy Distribution: Managing Relationship In Greece.
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