Ilana Erlikh

Executive Director


Ilana is a qualified accountant who holds an MBA in International Business. Prior to assuming her current role as Executive Director of GISMA, Ilana served as Global Group Director of Operations and Business Development for Global University Systems (GUS). Ilana played a key role in cultivating revenue growth, developing income, and establishing the operational infrastructure the GUS group. In these and other leadership roles, Ilana has developed experience relating to accelerated business growth, the establishment of operational systems, digitisation, change management and overall business efficiency.

At GISMA, Ilana is in charge of driving rapid and sustainable growth and developing programmes and partnerships to answer both the needs of a fast-moving employment landscape and to create the next generation of talent. Ilana’s leadership and management style prioritises building teams that are driven by a common goal and who work in synergy to deliver operational and academic success. Her primary focus is on building long-term strategies and developing highly effective teams and processes that enable business agility at the same time as supporting employee and student development.

Ilana’s vision for GISMA is to provide the next generation with all the tools they need so that they can experience the career of their dreams and drive positive change in tomorrow’s world.