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Nan Chen, MBA class of 2016

Nan Chen, MBA class of 2016

With the intention to explore my future career potential abroad, I came to Germany to pursue my MBA degree in summer, 2014. This decision was not easy for me because of the language barrier and eastern-western culture difference. However, I started my study life here far better than I expected.


This MBA program delivered a quite diverse teaching and knowledge observing approach which covered from classical management theory to up-to-date business case study. Due to different courses set up, I had the opportunities to work individually or with different school peers as a team under the professors’ guidance and handouts. With those well-selected lectures and materials, I have gained holistic skills to summarize the key take-aways from the theory, and analysis the pros and cons from the actual business cases, as a result to solve the problems and bring out new solutions or recommendations.


After finishing all the courses successfully in summer 2015, I started preparing my Master thesis. At that moment, I received an internship offer from Sennheiser, which helped me to employ my obtaining and understanding from MBA study to real work environment. Luckily, the business segment Audiology which I worked for is my interested research field. I had several years’ professional background on medical electronical products between my home country China and Germany/Switzerland. With my MBA systematic knowledge base, I could be capable to deeply dive the market trend and consumer insights for the future product development.


Beside my individual research work on my thesis, I was mentored by segment leader and product manager to communicate among the teams-stakeholders, sales&marketing, engineering, purchasing and production. From product concept initiating, project milestones implementing to new product line launching, I endeavoured all my efforts to be part of the management team. As return, I delivered a good quality master thesis for my MBA research and for my company as well.


Since 2016 March, I have become the Junior Product Manager in Sennheiser. With the new title, I am responsible to manage the segment product portfolio, lead the project team, evaluate the new products designs/features, and monitor the market/competitor performance on regular basis.


I have no doubt, all qualified MBA graduates have the confidence and competency to be a leader or coordinator in any competitive business place.


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